Test Les Ombres de Rose, a somewhat sparse “Winters” DLC for Resident Evil Village?


It was about a year and a half ago (already!), Capcom launched the brand new installment of the Resident Evil saga: Village. An opus which then seemed to have all the necessary ingredients to constitute an exceptional survival-horror, but which had finally proved successful, without however managing to awaken the werewolf in us. At the end of 2022, Capcom’s game is back, with the availability of additional content called “Winters” (sold for €19.99, and integrated into the new Gold version of the game), allowing enjoy three new contents.

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A brand new chapter for Resident Evil Village

Indeed, the brand new “Winters” DLC dedicated to Resident Evil Village initially brings a new “third person” mode. Concretely, by going through the options, it is possible to (re) launch the original game, by swapping the FPS view against a camera placed this time behind Ethan Winters. A mode requested by the players (according to Capcom), which therefore allows you to experience the adventure in a more “classic” way, with moreover some false airs of… Silent Hill sometimes.

We then take the opportunity to better understand the enigmatic Ethan Winters, but to answer the question you are asking yourself: no, it will never be possible to see the face of the latter. Capcom has skillfully protected his character’s identity, and despite your attempts via the right stick and/or photo mode, the hero’s face will still be inaccessible.

A “third person” mode which turns out to be rather successful overall, despite an obvious rigidity. Everything lacks a little (a lot?) Flexibility, but the experience is still pleasant enough to revisit the game in its entirety. Note that the cutscenes are still offered in first person view, as in the original game.

© Capcom

While some were impatiently awaiting this new option, the “Winters” DLC dedicated to Resident Evil Village also comes with a new chapter, entirely dedicated to Rosemary Winters. An unprecedented adventure, playable only in third person view, which can be found in the “Bonus” section of the game. Remember that the Capcom saga has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide since its launch in 1996 .

© Capcom

This new story, dubbed “Shadows of Rose”, will have players take on the role of the daughter of Ethan, the main protagonist of Resident Evil Village, as she enters the heart of Mutamycete’s consciousness in search of a cure. to his cursed powers. Everything takes place no less than 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. The general mechanics remain identical to those of the basic game, except that the young girl has certain psychic powers, and that she is “helped” by a mysterious entity called Michael, the latter being able to materialize inscriptions on the walls, even objects.

No werewolves, zombies, or even vampires here, but Face Eaters, creatures capable of sucking the face (and life) of their victims. Too bad, however, that they have a completely unspecified look, like the insipid enemies encountered at the time at the end of Resident Evil VII… Too bad.

© Capcom

Nevertheless, despite enemies without charisma and a progression that is all in all very guided, very telephoned, “Les Ombres de Rose” reserves some excellent surprises, and even some nice moments of anxiety in its second half, provided you hang on a minimum to the mystical side of this unpublished story. Too bad however that it is necessary, once again, to empty a charger in the head of an enemy to make it pass from life to death…

© Capcom

Less than three hours for “Les Ombres de Rose”

The DLC obviously comes back to certain places and key events of Resident Evil Village (because no, everything does not take place only in the Dimitrescu castle), but not only… The few puzzles are in the purest Resident Evilesque spirit (ultra simple therefore) , and the game is divided into a handful of distinct portions, all offering a certain challenge, but nothing insurmountable. Unfortunately, if it reserves some beautiful sequences, “Les Ombres de Rose” is also very (very) short… Indeed, once the chapter was finished, the game counter showed on our side a completion time of 2 hours and 58 minutes very precisely (in Normal mode). A bit stingy, therefore, even if (we repeat) the story has some excellent surprises in store, and finally sheds light on the could not be more tragic fate of the Winters family.

© Capcom

Finally, this new additional content dedicated to Resident Evil Village also allows you to enjoy a more extensive Mercenaries mode, with new places to visit, but also new characters to embody.

Not sure, however, that this aspect in particular is any trigger for the acquisition of the “Winters” DLC, which applies to its third-person mode, which is rather successful with its “old school” side, but also (to a lesser extent however as far as I’m concerned) for its bonus chapter featuring Rose which, despite a reuse of basic environments and a very (very) little varied bestiary, still offers some good sequences, but nothing very unforgettable in reality.

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