Do you have a Mac? You’ll love these 5 new macOS Ventura features


Which Macs are compatible with macOS Ventura?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it seems wise to list the Macs that can accommodate macOS Ventura. Roughly speaking, only Macs released in 2017 and later can integrate macOS 13, namely:

  • MacBook (2017 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2018 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (2017 and later)
  • Mac mini (2018 and later)
  • iMac (2017 and later)
  • iMac Pro 2017
  • Mac Pro (2019 and later)

The update is available since October 24, 2022 for all these models. To install macOS Ventura, it’s very simple: go to System Preferences > Software Updates.

Stage Manager, like on iPad

macos ventura stage manager

© Apple

Never before have macOS and iPadOS come so close. macOS Ventura therefore adopts new aesthetic codes very close to the iPadOS interface, particularly at the level of Psystem referencesrenamed System settingsas on iPadOS and iOS.

But what brings macOS closer to iPadOS it’s mostly Stage Manager. This new feature deployed on iPads takes exactly the same form on Mac. As on tablets, the promise is therefore to improve multitasking.

With Stage Manager, Apple therefore proposes to better manage multi-windowing but above all to create “scenes” grouping together several applications in a single universe. This allows for better splitting of apps and more focus.

For example, we can create a “productivity” scene with all the work applications and another “entertainment” scene with games, streaming platforms, etc.

Continuity Camera: and your iPhone becomes a webcam

macos ventura camera continuity

© Apple

Although Macs are great machines, they all have the same weak point: their webcam doesn’t live up to their status. At a time when video is more widespread than ever (thank you, telecommuting), this weakness is becoming an ugly flaw.

To overcome this, Apple has therefore developed Continuity Camera, a feature allowing you to use the excellent sensors of the iPhone to make it your webcam. More than a simple tool allowing you to film yourself, this function also allows you to carry out product demonstrations, unboxing, explanations on paper on a flat surface. Thanks to the ultra wide-angle of the iPhone, it seems that it is positioned in an aerial view. Impressive.

More complete spotlight

macos ventura spotlight

© Apple

The Spotlight centralized search function is significantly enriched. Much more complete, the search bar becomes above all more visual.

Now, Spotlight shows more detailed search results, both locally (on the Mac) and on the web. Above all, it displays images taken from Photos, your files, or the internet. The engine can even find text in images.

Finally, Preview is now directly integrated into Spotlight. Clicking once on a file and then on the space bar directly displays a preview of the document.

Mail catches up

macos ventura mail

© Apple

If Mail is the subject of an irreproachable integration in macOS, the application of Apple showed a certain delay on other references (in particular Gmail) in terms of functionalities.

With macOS Ventura, Mail is getting richer and catching up. Among the most interesting new features, let’s underline the programming of a sending, the cancellation within ten seconds or the directly integrated automatic corrector. Mail also improves the search for files or links received in emails.

Passkeys: goodbye passwords

macbook air m2 touch id review

© Lemon squeezer

Who hasn’t dreamed of a digital life without passwords? With Passkeys, Apple promises to make this dream a reality. Thanks to a technology common to Apple, Microsoft and Google, the American promises to no longer use passwords online.

Instead macOS Ventura (but also Android, Windows, iOS and iPadOS) will be able to access sites and applications using the biometric tools of PCs, tablets and smartphones (fingerprint sensors, FaceID). macOS Ventura is therefore ready to make this technology work. It now remains to convince web players to adopt it.

As with iPadOS 16, we’ve picked out the 5 new features that we think will really change your day-to-day experience. But macOS Ventura is more than a hundred new features. To discover them, we invite you to consult the article of our colleagues on

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