Google Street View finds woman who has been missing for 2 years


Google Street View sometimes allows you to come across funny scenes, or even fun challenges or artifacts. But also as in the present case to investigators to solve a mysterious disappearance. Our colleagues from Capital report the story, in Belgium, of Paulette, mother of four children and grandmother, of whom no one has heard from since her mysterious disappearance on November 2, 2020.

An investigation was quickly opened after his disappearance. But despite significant resources, the area around his home combed through – the use of tracking dogs, a helicopter… nothing has solved this enigma almost two years later… until the day when, on about to give up, one of the investigators decides to analyze the area on Google Street View.

Paulette might never have been found had it not been for Google Street View’s car

He quickly has a good surprise: the missing woman appears in a picture on the exact day of her disappearance. A Google Street View car had, by chance, passed in the rue de Paulette that day. Which was not obvious given that the house of the missing woman and that of her neighbor was in a cul-de-sac.

And yet, we can clearly see the octogenarian crossing the street to go to his neighbor. The investigators therefore decide to search the latter. They surround the land and some of the police enter directly through the garden before discovering Paulette’s lifeless body. The rest is told by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir: “in the neighbour’s garden, they found Paulette’s body at the foot of an embankment near the Meuse.”.

This raises many questions. Indeed, the neighbor in question would never have noticed the smell of the decomposing body, even though he was outside, on the surface, not far from there. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death. But a priori she could have died of a fall or a malaise according to the sources. The whole question is to know now if it is a simple accident, or a homicide.

Of course, even if they imagined in any case that the disappearance of Paulette was rather tragic, those close to Paulette remained hopeful that the woman would be found alive. But thanks to the investigation and the random passage of the car from Google Street View, they can now begin their grieving process.

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