How to Charge Your iPhone to Keep a Battery Like New


The autonomy of a phone is one of the most important information when choosing your device. For many, this question is to be distinguished from that of recharging, but the two are closely linked. After a few charge cycles, the autonomy of a phone, especially an iPhone, will inevitably decrease, due to battery wear.

But then how should you charge your iPhone to maximize the capacity of your phone’s battery? If the question seems complex, a user of the TikTok social network seems to have the solution. He explains on his account that he managed to keep the battery capacity of his iPhone at 100% after two years of use.

Avoid the stress from iPhone

In his video Shoandtech explains that most people charge their iPhone at night, either with a cable or with wireless solutions (MagSafe or third-party solution). If Apple has been working for a few years to optimize night charging, in particular by making it smarter, things are not yet perfect.

Shomes says you shouldn’t “stress” your iPhone’s battery. “If your phone is at 40 or 50% at night, don’t charge it, wait until the morning”, he explains. According to him, this solution makes it possible to respect the “80-20” rule. Manufacturers themselves recognize that phones need to stay within this charging range to maximize battery life.

Background refresh, battery poison

In other words, it should ideally never exceed 80% and never fall below 20%. Two recommendations that are not often followed by users. To sustain the battery of a phone, it is also recommended to customize background refresh of apps.

On iPhone the energy saving mode allows you to deactivate the refresh in the background, but it is also possible to go to the phone settings to customize the applications which can, and those which cannot, update without being opened.

Background refresh allows services to update without the app open. This can be very useful for messaging services, it is less useful for mobile games or services that you use little, which nevertheless consume a lot of energy.

More responsible use for an iPhone that lasts over time

While battery life on a single charge is impacted by background refresh, so is battery capacity. The more you use a phone, the faster its battery capacity will go down. You must therefore know how to limit its use if you want to make your battery last over time.

With typical iPhone use, the battery will gradually lose its storage capacity. It is recommended to change it, approximately every two years, when this same capacity drops below 80%. This data can be observed in the iPhone settings in the “battery” subsection then “battery status”.

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