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Announced a few weeks ago during a State of Play, the legendary Resident Evil 4 will return in March 2023 in a Remake version. After an excellent RE2 Remake and a RE3 Remake which divided quite a bit, Capcom is eagerly awaited on this one.

A few days ago, we were received at the premises of Capcom France to play Resident Evil 4 Remake for a good half hour on PS5. The opportunity to find Léon and see the first sketches of this long-awaited project. The demo that we were able to discover was relatively short. In reality, the latter lasted about 20 minutes. This is the famous sequence of the village with the bell tower where the villagers welcome Leon S. Kennedy as it should be with this charming gentleman accompanied by his chainsaw.

Resident Evil 4 is back, better than ever

The demo begins in the woods, when we begin to search the surroundings. Directly, the RE Engine (the graphics engine of the game) dazzles us. It is very beautiful and it is detailed. Admittedly, there are a few small textures that will bug slightly, but that’s normal. We remind you that we tested the build of a game in full development which will only arrive in five months.

Ditto, although we are on PS5, no reaction from the controller. Again, nothing alarming since it is not the final version of the title. In any case, visually, the game is already very clean and it’s nice to dive back into this atmosphere. And it will go up crescendo.

Preview Resident Evil 4 Remake

© Capcom

Visiting the first hut leads to an attack from a not-so-courteous villager. The first few minutes are clearly made to get us back into the swing of things, discover the gameplay, and stock up on ammunition and items that will be useful.

Already comes the key moment of the demo, the arrival on this famous village square. Again, we find a sequence that seems slightly larger than the original village, with more and more skilled villagers. The gameplay gains considerably in flexibility compared to the original game and we have (finally) a logical mapping of the keys. The objective of this moment is simply to survive. You have to run, take down some zombies, watch your ammunition, from the first minutes we find this atmosphere and it’s fun.

Preview Resident Evil 4 Remake

© Capcom

Capcom has kept all the important elements. You can get the shotgun in the house near the bell tower, set fire to the barn, hide at the top of the bell tower, search cabins in search of food that will allow you to hold on and stay alive until the end of the war. deliverance.

The bells ring, the villagers return, Leon has survived and the demo stops. Already. This sequence only lasts 20 minutes, but we were offered to redo it to test new things and discover other items/weapons.
It was a rather short moment, but already very promising. It seems that Capcom has chosen to stay very faithful to the original title by leaving the cult sequences (which was sorely lacking in RE3 Remake with the main moments that had been zapped).

Preview Resident Evil 4 Remake

© Capcom

Graphically, the game is sublime, technically, it seems to run very well, and in terms of gameplay, we clearly feel the improvements and the gain in fluidity. It looks good for the release of the title on March 24 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and PC. We may have the opportunity to talk to you about it by then!

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