What is the goal of NASA’s new UFO team?


To better understand UFOs, here is in a few words the objective of the new study launched by NASA on Monday. A 16-person team of experts will spend the next nine months reviewing data obtained from government agencies, academic studies, and other information on the subject. The space agency explains that it wishes to advance scientific knowledge of these unidentified flying objects.

NASA Says “Search For Life Elsewhere”

And it is the astrophysicist David Spergel, president of the Simons Foundation in New York, who takes the lead in this research. At his side, we find some big names and this is the case with Scott Kelly, a former NASA astronaut who has led the International Space Station on several occasions. Other experts from different fields are also on hand, particularly with regard to AI, aerospace security, and even data specialists.

At the end of these nine months, NASA promises to play the transparency on this very sensitive file and which is the object of very many fantasies. Thus, the report will be made public in mid-May 2023, and the American space agency will hold a public meeting in the spring which will be broadcast online.

Moreover, NASA seems to approach this study with relative optimism. It must indeed make it possible to ensure air and national security, but not only.

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for sciences of the space agency, also specifies that establishing events, whether natural or otherwise to be explained, is entirely in line with NASA’s goals. Part of our job is not just to do basic research, but as part of it, to find life elsewhere. »

The Pentagon is also working on UFOs

As a reminder, the Pentagon launched last year a new inter-army group managed by the Navy whose mission is to identify and better apprehend UFOs. It’s not about the part of the U.S. military.” of a passion for little green men “.

But Uncle Sam rather suspects that the growing number of these unidentified flying objects could be due to experimental spy technologies developed by foreign powers, including China and Russia.

We know in particular that the country of Vladimir Putin is working on a hypersonic weapon which could correspond to certain characteristics of the phenomena observed. If you are interested in this subject, you can also read our article on this subject here.

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