YouTube is completely changing: 4 new things to remember


As he has just celebrated his 17th birthday, YouTube has decided to review its interface. While remaining the same platform, this one decided to make some modifications, intended to improve the comfort of the user, and which modernizes the design of the reader.

Here are the 4 new features that will appear on YouTube when you open the application.

A new ambient mode for dark mode

When you use the dark mode of the YouTube app on the web version for mobile, you will see this interface change called “ambient mode”. To sum up, when you play a video, YouTube’s interface gets into the mood.

More precisely, the background of the application will be inspired by the colors present in the video to reproduce the light that the screens diffuse on the walls, in a dark room. The idea, according to YouTube, is to put the video player even more prominently.

Update YouTube

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The buttons change places

Also for you to be more focused on the video, YouTube is changing the button interface. The share, like and download buttons have been minimized, so that these create less distraction. And the button to subscribe is no longer in red. However, this one has been redesigned so that it is more visible (although no longer red). Finally, YouTube indicates that links in descriptions also become buttons.

A new interface for playlists

Do you like using playlists on YouTube? Google has thought of you. Indeed, the firm has also updated the interface of this feature. First of all, as in “ambient mode”, the back of the video player uses the colors present on the content.

And besides, the new interface also gives more visibility on the information on the playlist.

Update YouTube

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Good news for tutorials

YouTube is not just entertainment. The platform also includes a large number of tutorials, ranging from DIY projects to coding or accounting courses.

And today, Google is also updating its platform to make it more practical for this use. First of all, it finally becomes possible to zoom in on the video, simply by pinching with your fingers. That way you can focus your attention on a particular action, and see the details.

But that’s not all. Like on PC, users will also be able to see thumbnails when moving the cursor over the playback progress bar. This allows you to go back on a particular action, without having to grope.

Update YouTube

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“Feedback from our creators and viewers has always played a vital role at YouTube as our teams continue to think about ways to improve for our users”, writes YouTube in the announcement of these novelties. The deployment will be done gradually in the coming weeks.

YouTube is modernizing its interface and its video player at a time when competition is ever tougher, facing TikTok. Moreover, to remain competitive, the platform is betting on the new Short format, directly inspired by TikTok’s short videos, with a different player and interaction model. But it’s nice to know that the platform hasn’t forgotten about old-school YouTube videos.

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