Crazier than Squeezie, YouTuber MrBeast achieves the impossible


I was offered a pretty crazy check. There are people who could afford it. $1 billion to own the channel, the business and the stuff around it. Finally, the Youtubeur Jimmy Donaldson, best known under the pseudonym MrBeast, preferred to decline this offer. This anecdote, however, says a lot about this videographer, whose company is now valued at 1.5 billion dollars, which gives him the status of a unicorn.

“It’s very American, it’s not my culture”

MrBeast is 107 million subscribers on its main YouTube channel, but not only. The man has accumulated 82 million additional subscribers on his secondary channels, including three in Spanish and one in French. It has also become a brand that comes in the form of mobile games with tens of millions of gamers, or a sandwich available in fast food restaurants: the MrBeast Burger.

According Axios, the creator, now 24, wants to raise $150 million to keep growing. It must be said that the latter does not skimp on the means to invest in ever more spectacular videos. A brief look at the latest content will convince you of this with titles such as ” The Last To Leave The Slime Pool Wins $20,000 “, or ” The First To Rob This Bank Wins $100,000 “.

This model clearly seems to be working. According to the estimates of Forbes, MrBeast made a profit of $54 million last year. Enough to convince investors to trust him.

The Youtubeur does not hesitate to sell dreams on the success of his company. He recently stated in a podcast: We would therefore probably be worth 10 or 20 billion euros. In the future I think we could be worth a lot more “.

Inevitably, the MrBeast phenomenon reacts to France. Recently, videographer Squeezie was asked about it. He explained in particular: “I am not a mega fan. It’s going to amuse me two-three times, but I’m not a mega-fan actually. It’s very American, it’s not my culture.

He added: “ Saying “the last one who removes his hand wins the Lamborghini”, I find that wow… It’s torture on top of that, after that I don’t want to be too naive, but for me, these are really people who live a moment of torture to win a Lamborghini “.

He concluded his remarks by acknowledging: It remains an extraordinary creator who gives everything for the people who follow him and for his content, there is nothing to say “.

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