Introducing the Nothing Ear (Stick), the most stylish headphones on the market


This Wednesday, October 26, 2022, Nothing, a young tech company created by the former boss of OnePlus, throw the Ear (Stick). These new audio headphones will certainly not go unnoticed. Arranged in a transparent box (with red tints) in the shape of a lip opening (hence the name “stick”), the Ear (Stick) have a lot of character.

The choice of this case is not only intended to make the brand a “fashion” reference. Their design allows them to be opened with one hand.

sound work

nothing ear stick sound

© Nothing

Nothing has not contented itself with taking care of the casing of its new audio product. The headphones themselves required a great deal of engineering. Since the brand chooses a semi-intra format (the earphones therefore do not fit in the ear, they are placed at the entrance to the conduit) the sound had to be worked on to compensate for the absence of passive insulation.

Thereby, the Ear (Stick) embed a personalized dynamic driver of 12.6 mm capable of outputting more powerful sound with “rich depths, clear highs and bold details”. The brand ensures that this new model delivers better quality sound than its first Ear (1) which are nevertheless in-ear headphones.

To optimize the experience, the Nothing X app (which will centralize all the brand’s products) includes an equalizer on three levels (treble, medium and bass) as well as several pre-installed listening profiles. You can also adjust the control gestures.

The Ear (Stick) attacks the AirPods

nothing ear stick price

© Nothing

By their format and the on-board technologies, the Ear (Stick) are positioned as direct competitors to the latest AirPods (the normal ones, not the Pro). We therefore find all the codes of this type of product, in particular control by gestures with small adjustments. The volume, for example, is adjusted with long presses on the right (to increase) or left (to decrease) branch.

These small headphones contain a battery promising up to 7 hours of listening and 3 hours of discussion. In this area Nothing explains that it has greatly improved its copy by combining three better high definition with Clear Voice technology to filter out surrounding noise during conversations.

For recharging, count 10 minutes to gain 2 hours of listening time.

Nothing Ear (Stick) Pricing and Availability

The Ear (Stick) will be available from November 4, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. in France on the brand official website and on Amazon. Their price: 119 euros.

This aggressive price could allow Nothing to do well. For comparison, the 3rd generation AirPods cost 100 euros more. The 2nd generation AirPods, although much older, are still offered at a price of 159 euros. We cannot say that Nothing does nothing to break through.

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