What is The Peripheral, the series that overshadows the Rings of Power?


For the past few years, Prime Video has established itself as a strong competitor to Netflix thanks to good quality original programs. While Amazon’s streaming platform delighted us for several weeks with a weekly episode of Rings of Powera new sci-fi series is currently overshadowing the spin-off of the Lord of the Rings.

The Peripheral: what is this new series?

A new sci-fi series hit Prime Video last Friday. It is The Peripheral or in French, Peripherals: the worlds of Flynne. While only two episodes are available on the streaming platform, the series seduces viewers and is one of the most watched series right now on Prime Video. At present, it is the second most popular series on the platform, right after Rings of Power. At this rate, she might even steal the show’s top spot. The Lord of the Rings in the next weeks.

While the spin-off of Lord of the Rings offered a weekly broadcast, the 8 episodes of the first season have all been released. A series has to take over! And it’s in The Peripheral that Amazon places all its hopes. The first two episodes are available since October 21 and fans will be able to enjoy an episode every Friday for the next six weeks.

If success is at the rendezvous for The Peripheral, there are several reasons. For starters, they are the creators of Westworld behind this all-new sci-fi series. In view of the nugget that is their previous work, we understand that many spectators are tempted by Peripherals: the worlds of Flynne. Then, it is inspired by a series of novels written by one of the leaders of the cyberpunk movement: William Gibson. This author is a master of science fiction and, in this sense, has been rewarded many times for his works.

The Peripheral immerses us in the near future as technology subtly alters society. Flynne Fisher does not have a dream life: stuck in a small forgotten town in the United States, she must stay by her sick mother’s side to take care of her. His haven? Advanced virtual reality video games. When she has the opportunity to beta test a new kind of game, more realistic than ever, everything will change for her. The series brings together all the ingredients to take us to the guts. The third episode of The Peripheral comes out on Friday. What to move to No. 1 in the ranking of the most viewed series on Prime Video? Maybe…

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