why the state is threatening to impose credit cards at the entrance to X sites


The subject has been burning for some time. The law provides many provisions to block the access of minors to porn sites.

But the precise terms and conditions remain unclear, which pushes many X sites to content themselves with a simple warning on the home page, or even a summary verification of age without verification of an official or authentic document.

The government shows its preference for the blue card to block minors from entering porn sites

Consequently, it is as if nothing had been done, for the time being, to prevent minors from accessing pornography on the Internet. Which is why the government visibly took up the subject – almost concomitantly, it should be noted, with similar debates (at the time very stormy) across the Channel.

In France, sanctions have already fallen against several sites ordered to put in place measures to prevent minors from accessing pornography. While at the same time, others were obviously not targeted.

Faced with the Law’s lack of precision, the publishers of the sites concerned had been hoping for some time that the government would move towards a clearer choice – and develop a blocking procedure that could be imposed on all the sites concerned.

A token or ticket project to be purchased against age verification in a tobacconist was mentioned for a time. But it is ultimately another measure that smacks of the Internet at the turn of the 2000s that could make a comeback.

Indeed, the Secretary of State for Children Charlotte Caubel has just revealed her preference for age verification by credit card. In other words, to access all the current free sites, you will now have to enter your card number. We imagine in passing that cards for minors (Maestro, Cirrus, etc.) will not be accepted.

There is also the question of emancipated minors who can a priori obtain a normal Visa / Mastercard from their bank. But for Charlotte Caubel, the blue card is really the best solution because, as she explains: “My child, when he uses his credit card, I get an alert, I’ll see if it’s on Youporn or McDonalds”

Before recognizing that the “filter” in question would not be perfect. She also adds that the sites could choose to charge a micro-transaction, by the way, up to 1 euro. So much so that we wonder if it will ultimately be an age verification or an overdraft verification for the sites concerned (which may in passing take advantage of it, we imagine, to inflate their revenue) .

What to wonder if the remedy put forward is not likely to amplify the power of this sulphurous industry – and ultimately to produce the opposite effects to those desired. We also imagine that all parents probably do not necessarily monitor their card notifications as much as Charlotte Caubel… and that we can probably debate the relevance of setting up a new incentive for certain children to steal the means of payment of their parents…

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