Forget Boursorama, this bank ridicules its rivals with its bonus


In France, Boursorama Banque is ranked number 1 in the online banking market. However, it faces competition from certain rivals such as of Hello bank! who is her first runner-up. The subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group wants to strengthen its place and does not hesitate to release a welcome bonus devoid of any condition.

Since almost the beginning of the year, Hello bank! has been very discreet about bonuses for its new customers. For the past few days, online banking has been back (finally) with an ultra-aggressive offer: you can get 80 euros to open a free account, and without any conditions. In a few clicks, you’re done.

This offer ends tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. :

Open a Hello bank!

In 2020, the online bank overhauled its range to better meet its audience. On the one hand, you have the Hello One current account which is free and unconditional. It aims to respond to the simplified banking offers of neo-banks… while being more complete. You therefore have no conditions to check at the start, but you still have access to all the services of a bank: current account, savings, credits, stock market, etc.

On the other side, Hello bank! offers its premium formula Hello Prime. This requires more entry conditions: not only must you justify more than 1,000 euros in income per month, but you must also pay a monthly contribution of 5 euros. However, you get a lot for your money: flexibility is ultimate. A card similar to Visa Premier, with zero fees on payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world.

A double bonus with Hello Prime

Whether you choose the Hello One unconditional or Hello Prime formula, online banking currently offers you a premium of 80 euros when opening the account. To unlock this part, you will need to complete an online registration form and validate your account with a first deposit. The procedure is quick and can be done perfectly from a mobile terminal if necessary.

Open a free account and receive 80 euros, so it’s easy. But you can claim even more comfort if you choose the Hello Prime plan. This not only comes with the bonus of 80 euros at the time of opening (same procedure as the Hello One formula), but it also adds free contributions for 6 months. You therefore receive 6 x 5 euros, i.e. 30 euros, additional gift.

Open a Hello bank!

If you choose Hello bank!, it is in your interest to open your account before this Thursday, October 27 at 3:00 p.m.. Indeed, the online bank has clearly announced that this offer will end at that time. Since you don’t have a condition, you can very well open an account now and choose to use the service later. This will secure you a bonus of 80 euros for Hello One and even the equivalent of 110 euros for Hello Prime.

Since the beginning of the year, Hello bank! has never been so generous before. This flash offer allows you to make a good deal when opening an account. But above all, online banking will allow you to save money in the long term. And these are much more significant than the “simple” welcome bonus.

Why choose Hello bank! ?

Each year, our colleagues from Le Monde and Meilleurbanque draw up a report on bank charges. In 2021, the French paid an average of 219 euros in fees for their daily bank. This includes, for example, account maintenance fees, bank card, agios, etc. Part of this amount is nothing but hidden fees that the bank charges you without notifying you.

At Hello bank!, you will save dramatically. By choosing the Hello One formula, it won’t cost you anything: you just have to use it once a month to keep it free. But that means that with this formula, you can therefore save more than 200 euros per year. However, keep in mind that Hello One is limited: no authorized overdraft, immediate debit and restricted ceilings.

If you want maximum flexibility, then you will have to turn to the Hello Prime formula. This is the Rolls Royce of the bank account: authorized overdraft, immediate or deferred debit, raised ceilings, total absence of fees anywhere in the world. With it, you have maximum freedom not found in neo-banks. Finally, even if it costs 5 euros per month (or 60 euros per year), it remains significantly cheaper than a traditional bank. Indeed, in a network bank, the cost for a card similar to a Visa Premier is significantly higher than the 219 euros previously announced.

However, these feasible savings do not hide a lower quality service, quite the contrary. Hello bank! is an excellent online bank with a comprehensive product line and responsive customer service. It is also the only online bank (with Monabanq) that still allows you to have physical access: it relies on the network of BNP Paribas branches to open its doors to you. This allows you to deposit checks and cash, which is not possible at Boursorama Banque or BforBank.

Are you ready to try the adventure? Good news: it does not commit you to anything. Online banking is free and unconditional (for the Hello One formula). This allows you to familiarize yourself with its offer, its website and its mobile application. You can then decide whether or not to continue with it, depending on your impressions. If necessary, you can consult our opinion on Hello bank! here.

We advise you to open an account before October 27 here:

Open a Hello bank!

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