Here’s why F1 fans are laughing at Tim Cook


During Formula 1 races, celebrities are sometimes invited to wave the checkered flag, signaling the end of a race. Among those who have already had this honor are David Beckham and Serena Williams.

On Sunday, at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Apple CEO Tim Cook waved the flag. Unfortunately, the performance of the boss of the Cupertino company was far from convincing. Indeed, Cook seemed either very tired or unenthusiastic about waving the flag.

Minimum service?

According to our colleagues at Business Insider, Sky Sports commentator Ted Kravitz said it was “the worst checkered flag in Formula 1 history”.
“Tim Cook needs to calm down,” commented the ESPN channel’s Twitter account.

Others took the opportunity to poke fun at both Tim Cook and Apple products, like this tweet stating that the CEO of Apple “promised to wave the flag a little better next year, but you’ll have to pay him $1500 to upgrade.”

“Do you feel his enthusiasm?”ironically, for its part, the AppleTrack account, specializing in news on products from the apple brand.

In France, the poor performance of Tim Cook did not go unnoticed either. “Me connecting to my video meeting on Monday at 9 a.m.,” wrote the Fede de la Lose, sharing the excerpt with Tim Cook.

And as we can hear, live, the French commentator also made fun of Tim Cook: “Come on a little enthusiasm Mr. Apple, eat apples”.

“[…] instead of waving the flag enthusiastically as is often the case in such circumstances, the latter moved it far too slowly from side to side”can also be read on the site.

Apple prepares F1 content for Apple TV+

According to the 9to5Mac site, Tim Cook visited the Apple laboratory in Austin, which designs its chips. During this visit, he praised the work of engineers on the next generation of Apple Silicon chips. Then he ended the weekend at the Grand Prix, where he (very slowly) waved the checkered flag.

Tim Cook was accompanied by another Apple executive, Eddy Cue. Note that currently, the firm has projects related to F1 races for its Apple TV+ streaming service.

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