Meta is launching a cheaper headset than the Quest Pro in 2023


Meta, the parent company of Facebook may be a little shaken by its latest financial results, Mark Zuckerberg wants to believe that the firm’s efforts in Metavers will end up creating huge inflows of money in the near future.

A desire that remains purely theoretical for the time being, which largely explains the price of Meta in free fall since yesterday. However, after having just launched the Quest Pro, a helmet for the Metavers at €1,799.99, the firm announces on the sidelines of its latest figures that another helmet (probably the Meta Quest 3) will be launched in 2023.

The Meta Quest 3 is coming, it could adopt some features of the Quest Pro

The presentation date is still unknown, but we can assume that the presentation of the new headphones will coincide with the Connect event organized each year by the firm. We have known for a few weeks that Meta is actually preparing a Quest 3 helmet. But we now learn that the price of this helmet will be significantly lower than that of the Quest Pro.

The firm would aim for the 300 – $500 range – which seems more in line with what the firm had accustomed us to on previous iterations of the Quest, such as the Quest 2 sold for €449.99. Meta, however, plans to make the product significantly more interesting than the previous generation. And, from what we understand, taking into account the price, it could even compare favorably on many points with the Quest Pro.

During the call, Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that some of the features of the $1,799.99 headset could find their way into this cheaper headset. Among other things, it is a question of focusing on eye tracking. The product could therefore embed new, flatter “pancake” lenses to ensure this tracking.

During the same point on the financial results of Meta, we learned that Reality Labs, the division of Meta which develops the ambitions of the firm in the Metaverse, accuses of a loss of 3.7 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2022. A figure up from the net loss of 2.8 billion in the same quarter of last year but which also represents a jump from the operating loss of 2.8 billion last quarter.

This persistence in the challenge represented by the Metaverse costs Meta very dearly. Especially since the group has seen its advertising revenues melt like snow in the sun, against a backdrop of new rules that are more protective of privacy imposed both by States such as the GDPR in Europe or companies such as the functionality which allows very easily block tracking and ad targeting on iPhones.

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