Not found in stores, this PS5 stock is guaranteed before Christmas


This is news that has caused a thunderous craze in France: SFR has just released a new stock of PS5 via its official store. The internet service provider gives you access to an advantageous offer which combines the Sony console with a fiber offer. From a value for money point of view, it is very interesting. We remind you that this is the PS5 Digital Edition.

As part of this offer, the PS5 costs 361 euros instead of 449 euros. Because good news never comes alone, SFR even offers you a second controller in this pack.

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SFR had already given us several small stocks of PS5s in recent months. But each time, the ISP asked customers to subscribe to a very expensive fiber offer – which is no longer the case today. That said, it still does not sell it naked: it is therefore mandatory to subscribe to a fiber formula with this operator. It’s worth it because the few consoles that are available for resale on used sites start at double or triple the price.

If your internet connection is wobbly, now is the time to combine these two purchases. In the worst case, if you just need an internet connection, you can always choose to go for this Fiber + PS5 plan. Why ? Because the PS5 Digital Edition can easily be resold at double or triple the price, which will allow you to finance the cost of the fiber subscription in its entirety. If you are a customer of another ISP, SFR reimburses you up to 100 euros in termination fees.

How to calculate the price of the PS5?

What calculation should be made to determine the real price of this PS5 stock? If you choose the cheapest box, the PlayStation 5 in digital version will cost you 169 euros + 8 euros per month for 24 months. In other words, the real cost of the console will then be 361 euros. It’s almost 100 euros less than the official price of the PS5 Digital which is now 449 euros. Again, it is not available anywhere, so this price is purely indicative.

By choosing the formula put forward by SFR, you therefore have two advantages: 1) you can take advantage of a guaranteed PS5 within a few days and 2) you are entitled to an advantageous price on the console. In return, you must choose an internet box with a fiber connection at home. Either way, it may be time to take the plunge: you will need a good internet connection anyway to take advantage of all the capabilities of the PS5.

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The ISP offers you three box formulas as part of this PS5 flash sale: starter fiber, power fiber or premium fiber. The rates vary from 28 euros per month for the first to 42 euros per month for the last. These 3 formulas are triple-play: they include internet connection, TV and telephony. The main difference between the three models lies in the power of the flow.

In the case of the fiber starter, the speed is 500 Mb / s for sending and downloading: this should be more than enough if you want to enjoy the games on your PS5. However, if you want more guarantees, the fiber power goes up to 2 Gb / s in download. The latter also includes Wi-Fi 6 Smart, which will come in handy for years to come. Finally, premium fiber goes up to 8 Gb/s in download, which is gigantic at the moment.

The PS5 Digital Edition is attractive

For its launch, Sony announced two versions of its next-gen console. On the one hand there is the PS5 Standard and on the other hand the PS5 Digital Edition. On the power, the two consoles are absolutely similar. The difference is simply in the Blu-Ray disc player. The first incorporates such a device but this is not the case for the second. In effect, this requires you for the PS5 Digital Edition to buy your games on the PlayStation Store.

This also means that you will not be able to resell your games (physical discs) as is the case with the PS5 Standard. But if this is not necessarily the project, you lose nothing. This is all the more true as Sony regularly makes discounts directly on the PlayStation Store, which allows you to have the latest triple A games at advantageous prices. In the end, choosing this stock PS5 Digital Edition is no problem.

Both the PS5 Standard and the PS5 Digital Edition cannot be found everywhere. The first has been stormed by purists and the second is just as much. Sony has not given a date when the console will finally be available. The company has been making fans around the world wait for two years now because of its difficulties on its production lines. If you want to be sure to have a PS5 before Christmas, this console stock is perfect.

This little PS5 Digital Edition stock isn’t going to stay online for long. SFR is the only telecom operator to offer an opportunity to acquire the PS5. In the last two years, we have seen him take out the card for this flash sale several times. They have always been stormed in a few hours. This time, you have the chance to associate it with a cheaper box (from 28 euros per month), which is unprecedented. For a long time, the ISP required mandatory subscription to the most expensive fiber offers in the range.

To take advantage of this flash sale, it’s here:

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