Porsche wants to crush Tesla with an even more powerful Taycan


In 2035 it will be impossible to sell thermal cars in Europe. This historic decision by the EU requires car manufacturers to prepare now for the future and start marketing electric cars, an obvious solution to replace gasoline engines.

Not all brands started their transition at the same time, so several manufacturers are now a step ahead of the competition. At the top of the list are iconic automotive names like Porsche, but also more recent brands specializing in electric cars, like Tesla.

The two firms are also fighting in the same market segment, that of the luxurious and sporty electric car. With that Taycan Porsche came to compete with Tesla’s Model S. But Elon Musk’s company has the answer that it marketed the Tesla Model S Plaid a few months ago. A new, even faster and more futuristic version of its electric car.

The goal: beat Tesla at all costs

On the side of Stuttgart, the time has come to respond to Texan provocations. The brand is about to present a new version of its Taycan. For the first time in the history of the electric car, it would have the right to three motors. This model, for the moment hypothetical, could see the light of day in the coming months.

The idea is above all to compete with Tesla on a single field: the Nürburgring circuit. The track, located in Germany, has always served as a benchmark for measuring the speed of a car. Although the Taycan set the track record in 2019, it has since been beaten by Tesla’s Model S Plaid.

With its three-engine version, Porsche could regain the advantage over Tesla and beat the impressive time of 7:35:579 which is today the absolute track record for a production electric car. In its report on the subject, the British media express explains that Porsche should market a new version of the Taycan S with this three-motor technology.

A “laboratory” Taycan S?

Turned 100% towards performance, this car may not have much autonomy and sales will be quite rare for the German firm. But the goal with this new Taycan S is not there. The idea is to win this ego war against Tesla and show that the “traditional” automobile still has a bright future ahead of it.

Like a Formula 1 car, this three-engine Taycan S could also serve as a test for Porsche and more broadly for the Volkswagen group as a whole. If the installation of a third engine offers significantly better performance, then other models of electric cars could be entitled to such a system.

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