“That’s not how movies are made”


He will undoubtedly be one of the great figures of cinematographic news at the end of the year. James Cameron is ready to strike a blow with his highly anticipated blockbuster Avatar: The Waterway which will be released on December 16 in French cinemas.

James Cameron draws inspiration from his life in the Avatar script

In the middle of a promotional tour, the filmmaker recently gave an interview to the New York Times. During this interview, he was notably asked about his vision of current feature films. He criticized the way superhero movies are made:

I also want to do what others don’t. When I watch these big spectacular movies – I’m looking at you, Marvel and DC – no matter how old the characters are, they all act like they’re college students.

He adds : ” They have relationships, but not really. They never hang up because of their children. The things that ground us in life and give us power, love and purpose? These characters don’t experience that, and I think that’s the wrong way to make movies. »

These comments by James Cameron are a good illustration of his way of conceiving cinema. They don’t mean he doesn’t like superhero movies. It’s just the opposite. We know that the latter almost made the first Spider-Man before finally giving way to Sam Raimi.

Recently, actress Sigourney Weaver, who is part of the cast of Avatar 2, made an interesting revelation about the film’s script: The story is about family, our families trying to hold together in everything we do to protect each other and the place where we live. She draws a lot of inspiration from James’s family and his joy of family life, but also from the vulnerability of children. »

And precisely, there are indeed common traits between James Cameron and the story of Avatar 2. Thus, the filmmaker is the father of four children like Jake and Neytiri. Likewise, he and his wife became guardians of a friend of their daughter. In the story, the two heroes adopt a teenage daughter named Kiri.

There are only a few weeks of patience left before we can see the highly anticipated sequel to Avatar in theaters. In the meantime, you can still watch the film’s very promising trailer.

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