Why Canal+ is increasing the price of its subscriptions


This is very bad news for CANAL+ subscribers. Like Netflix, Disney+ or more recently Apple TV+, it is now CANAL+’s turn to increase its prices. For the moment, only one of its offers is concerned but the other non-binding subscriptions should soon follow. The fault… with VAT.

CANAL+’s Ciné Séries offer for under-26s is increasing

While it offers a wide selection of offers, CANAL+ favors the youngest. Indeed, people under the age of 26 benefit from a 50% discount on its non-binding offers. Among them, the Ciné Séries offer is the most interesting. Indeed, it allows you to access CANAL +, Netflix, OCS or even Disney + for only 20.49 euros per month instead of 40.99 euros. Unfortunately, the tide is turning and this offer will increase by 2.50 euros monthly very soon. Soon, the Ciné Séries offer for those under 26 will pass at 22.99 euros per month.

Indeed, in a press release dating from June, CANAL+ had announced that the VAT rate applicable to some of its offers is going to 20% instead of 10% and that this would therefore have an impact on them. So here we are to pay the broken pots. Several users received an email from CANAL+ announcing this bad news. While the services offered by CANAL + are more and more similar to those of an SVOD, it is logical that the company be taxed as such, like Netflix or Disney +.

For the moment, it seems that this price increase is fixed at the beginning of December. But nothing is official yet. On the CANAL + site, the Ciné Séries offer for those under 26 is still displayed at 20.49 euros per month. It should be noted that this price increase will ultimately only concern non-binding CANAL+ subscriptions. So, don’t panic if you are committed to the company. It cannot increase the price of an offer with commitment at the risk of breaking the contract, which would give you the right, the subscriber, to terminate the latter.

It remains to be seen how, in the longer term, CANAL+ will manage this VAT increase. We imagine that from next year, other subscriptions will see their prices increase to compensate for this. Finally, remember that CANAL+ will integrate Paramount+ into its platform from December 1st. Cine Series subscribers should have access to it. Despite everything, not sure that subscribers see anything positive in this monthly increase of 2.50 euros.


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