Do you know what is the oldest domain name on the internet?


Domain names are essential to the proper functioning of the internet. Indeed, without these domain names, and without the DNS or Domain Name System, we would have to enter complicated addresses.

But do you know what is the oldest domain name on the internet? As explained in an article by our colleagues at TechCrunch, this is the domain name This one wasn’t recorded in the 2000s or the 90s, but in 1985.

On March 15 of this year, the Symbolics company registered its domain name. This computer manufacturer offered machines optimized for a programming language called Lisp.

Unfortunately, reserving a domain name very early on was not enough, as sales gradually declined. But until 2009, the domain name still belonged to Symbolics. This year, it was finally sold to a company specializing in domain names.

In 1985, we only had the internet, but not yet the web. Indeed, the web we know today was only created in 1989. As a result, very few companies were thinking, at that time, of registering their domain names.

Other domain names registered in 1985 were (BBN Technologies), (Thinking Machines), (Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation), (Digital Equipment Corporation), and ( Northrop Corporation).

The domain names of Xerox, HP, Bell Communications Research, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Texas Instruments, AT&T, Boeing, and even Siemens were not registered until 1986.

The first websites came later

As mentioned above, the web only arrived a few years later. The proposal for this technology was written in 1989. And the first website was published in 1991.

As we mentioned in a previous article, this one is still online. This is a presentation of the web, or rather the World Wide Web.

“The project is based on the philosophy that most academic information should be freely available to everyone”can we read on one of the pages of this site. “It aims to enable the sharing of information within internationally dispersed teams and the dissemination of information by support groups. Originally aimed at the high-energy physics community, it has expanded into other fields and has generated a lot of interest in the areas of user support, resource discovery, and work collaborative.”

first website


Do you know the first French website?

While the first website was created at CERN in Switzerland, the first French website was created at the CNRS in 1992. Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the web, presented his invention during a conference organized by CERN and the CNRS.

After this conference, Wojciech Wojcik, development and user assistance engineer, set up the CNRS server, modeled on that of CERN, with the same machine, a NeXTcube. Then, the first page is created with Daniel Charnay, network engineer. The address: (IN2P3 Computing Center), which is always accessible.

first french website


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