Mr Beast louder than Squeezie, Toyota and plug-in hybrid cars


Contents this week: Mr Beast is rocking the house on YouTube, Toyota’s new strategy, why plug-in hybrid cars are no longer attractive, and the story of the internet’s oldest domain name.

Mr Beast collects impressive figures on YouTube


The company of Mr Beast, the biggest youtubeur on the internet is now valued at 1.5 billion dollars, which grants him unicorn status. Yes, you read that right. Next to all the other youtubers, including Squeezie, look like ants. According to the estimates of Forbes, MrBeast made a profit of $54 million last year. Enough to convince investors to trust him again and again for his ever crazier videos.

Toyota completely reviews its copy on the electric

Steering wheel of a Toyota vehicle

Toyota may well be the leader in hybrid cars, but the jump to all-electric is slow to materialize in the ranges. But that will soon change. The Japanese manufacturer announces that it is in the process of completely reviewing its initial plans after presenting a first plan at 38 billion dollars last year. We should know more in early 2023, but the sinews of war would be around production costs – with methods inspired by Tesla.

Why are PHEV cars a huge flop?

Recharged black car

Plug-in hybrid cars no longer appeal to the French at all. Sales fell in the book, unlike sales of 100% electric and hybrid cars, which each increased by around 30% over the period. In our detailed point, we explain to you why this type of vehicle is a real false solution to gradually abandon thermal engines in favor of alternatives that are better for the environment.

Can you tell what is the oldest domain name on the internet?

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The Internet only really took off towards the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, but some already believed in it as early as the 80s. manufacturer of machines optimized for the Lisp programming language. This visionary reservation unfortunately did not allow the company to take off. But the domain still exists. It was sold in 2009 to a company specializing in domain names. We tell you the whole story of this company, and especially how it managed to register a domain name before the arrival of the first registrars in 1989.

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