These 5 stars are begging Marvel to find them a role


He’s the latest big addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Harrison Ford joins the cinematic universe as General Ross, a character previously played by the late William Hurt.

The legend of the seventh art, known in particular for his roles in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars sagas, is not the first to take the plunge. Others may follow. We referenced five Hollywood stars who have applied to join the MCU in the future

Keanu Reeves would see himself well at Marvel

Keanu Reeves has said in the past that “it would be an honor” to join the MCU. Discussions have also started with Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel studios, but we have since had no news.

The Matrix star said: There are some really amazing directors and visionaries out there, and they’re doing something that no one has ever really done. It’s special in that sense, in terms of scale, ambition, production. So it would be cool to be part of that. »

Very close to the MCU, Channing Tatum still hopes to be in it

He should have already played for Marvel. But that was without counting the cancellation of the feature film devoted to the superhero Gambit, in which Channing Tatum was to appear. Not resentful, the Hollywood star nevertheless confirmed that he still wanted to be recruited by the studio.

After refusing an offer, Jessica Chastain does not close the door

Jessica Chastain almost played in Doctor Strange where she would have played Christine Palmer, her companion. At the time, Elle said she would rather play a superhero than an ordinary human. However, recruitment by Marvel is always possible, and the actress has already warned: she would like to play a villain because “they are more fun”. And above all, because it allows you not to sign a long-term contract with the Disney studio.

Norman Reedus would see himself in the role of Ghost Rider

If a remake of the Ghost Rider film sees the light of day, Norman Reedus, star of the series The Walking Dead, would see himself recovering the role. He behaves like a real fan on social networks by liking publications dedicated to this character. He also told reporters: We’ve been talking about Ghost Rider for years, tell ’em put me in it “.

After playing in X-Men, Halle Berry would like to re-enlist

Halle Berry played Storm in the X-Men saga which was previously overseen by Fox. And when Marvel revives this franchise, the actress isn’t against making a comeback. She explains thus: I loved everything and I’ve always been grateful to be able to play them and be part of these great franchises (She also played Catwoman in the DC universe Editor’s note), you know? So I would revisit any of them. »

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