4 tech products that Mark Zuckerberg could have created instead of the Metavers


$36 billion. Here is the amount invested by the Meta group, formerly Facebook in its division RealityLabs. The latter is in charge of the implementation of the metaverse, a virtual universe dear to Mark Zuckerberg, the group’s big boss. But despite the overflowing ambitions of the creator of Facebook, the results are still very disappointing.

In order to better understand the size of the investment made by Meta since 2019 in this project, our business insider colleagues have made a list of technological products that have been developed with less money. Released in 2007, the iPhone would have cost Apple nearly $150 million, according to an anonymous company executive in a 2013 interview.

iPhone and Android: light years away from Meta

A figure which would be largely underestimated according to a report by The information which rather estimates the cost of production and development of the first iPhone around 2 to 3 billion dollars. Even with such a scale, the iPhone, Apple’s pride for 15 years, would have cost 10 times less than Meta’s “Horizon World”.

Competing product of the iPhone, the operating system of Google Android would also have cost less than the virtual world of Mark Zuckerberg. According to estimates made from Google’s financial results between 2005 and 2008, Android would have cost 6 billion dollars in its first version.

Xbox and PlayStation: 5 billion game consoles

If systems like Android or the iPhone have been largely updated since their release. This is not the case with Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation. The two video game consoles have succeeded in marking their era, but again the development cost is much lower than that of Meta.

According to information from Dean Takahashi, author of a book on the Xbox, it only took 20 months of development for Microsoft. The blitz would have cost $4 billion in 2001 (equal to $6.8 billion today with inflation.) As for Xbox’s direct competitor, Sony’s PlayStation would have cost less than $5 billion. dollars.

These examples show how the investment made by the Meta group in the metaverse project seems disconnected from reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s cravings aren’t appealing, and the band’s virtual world looks more like a desert than a digital copy of New York.

Meta: the group goes straight into the wall

To get out of the world of new technologies, the entire Artemis program, which plans to send men back to the Moon, will cost, according to NASA estimates, 35 billion dollars. This is very close to the amount already spent by Zuckerberg and Meta in the “metavers” project.

When Meta’s latest financial results were announced, the group’s investors demanded that management refocus its activities on “profitable practices”. With a turnover of a few hundred million euros, Meta is a colossus with feet of clay.

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