Here is the easiest way to copy text from an image on PC


It may happen that you have a document in the form of an image, and that you need to extract text from this image. In another era, you would have had to copy everything, or use a scanner.

But today, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, our smartphones and computers can extract text from an image in no time. On a smartphone, it’s very easy.

If you have a recent iPhone, selecting text from an image is built into the iOS operating system. But you must have an iPhone XR or a more recent model, which runs on iOS under iOS 15. Our colleagues from 01net explain in detail how it works.

And if you are on Android, you can also open the image containing text on Google Lens (application preinstalled by Google), to select the text to translate or copy/paste it.

How to copy text from an image on PC via Google Chrome?

What you might not know is that Google Lens is now integrated into the Google Chrome browser. And if you’re using this one (and not the Chrome alternatives), extracting text from an image will be very easy.

  • When you are browsing and you come across an image from which you want to extract text, all you have to do is right-click on it.
    Then, click on “Find the image on Google Lens”.
  • A “Google Lens” sidebar appears on the right and allows you to select the text present on the image with your cursor. All you have to do is select, then click on “Copy”.
Google Lens on Chrome

Screenshot on

How to upload an image from your hard drive to Google Lens?

If the image you’re working on isn’t online, but on your hard drive, don’t panic. Like the mobile version, the PC (Chrome) version of Google Lens also lets you import.

  • On the browser, grab any image online, right-click, then click “Find image in Google Lens”.
  • When the Google Lens sidebar opens, click the “Open” icon.
Google Lens on Chrome


  • On the Google Lens tab that opened up, click “Import,” then choose “Computer.”
  • Now all you have to do is select the image file you want to open with Google Lens.
  • Once the import is finished, you can select the texts present on this image, then copy.
Google Chrome
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