Jean Dujardin makes an ad for a bank and traps everyone


Boursorama Banque does not joke about advertisements. After Mike Tyson and Brad Pitt, the French online bank has found a new muse. But this time, she changed the codes. The one who had the idea of ​​making Brad Pitt mute in 2019 went even further with Jean Dujardin, his new recruit. The new spot just aired for the first time on Sunday, October 30 at 8:50 p.m. It is signed by the Buzzman agency, with which Boursorama does not hesitate to spend a small fortune. But as always, its advertisements are talked about and stand out from the others.

Without further ado, discover below the new commercial in which Jean Dujardin and Boursorama Banque trap everyone on a film set.

Jean Dujardin, client of Boursorama? Yes, since October 2021. To make his advertising spot, Buzzman went to dig into the online banking customer base and found a namesake for the Oscar-winning actor. He even turned out to be the man on screen, as the agency’s creative director Tristan Daltroff explained in an interview that they didn’t cast an actor. In response to a question from CB Newshe also explained that the “real” Jean Dujardin (understand, the actor), saw the advertisement “and congratulated us”.

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The strategy remains the same: the recommendation

The angle chosen is the same as that of previous campaigns with Mike Tyson and Brad Pitt. The emphasis is always on the recommendation of the bank by customers (and only by customers), the fact that the bank has been voted the cheapest bank for more than 14 years now, and that it has a whole range of banking products – certainly the most complete to date in an online bank. “The strategy remains the same: the recommendation. We had decided to make Brad Pitt silent in 2019, because it is the customers who remain the best brand ambassadors”said Tristan Daltroff.

On the big or small screen, Boursorama Banque advertising will be everywhere. Buzzman, the Parisian agency, is one of the most talented and has recently worked with Deezer, the startup Back Market, Burger King and Uber Eats. Recently, Boursorama Banque called on it to bounce back on inflation and bank charges. The agency then sought to appeal to the French with a very visual campaign.

In June, Buzzman also published a print ad for Citroën, mentioning Elon Musk with a nod to his takeover of Twitter: “Sorry Elon, the only way to get one is to redeem us”, could we read. Buzzman displayed an Ami Buggy just below the tagline, mentioning that it was out of stock.

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