To share your Netflix and Disney+ account, a French solution exists


Launched in 2019, the concept of Spliiit has it all. Concretely, this platform allows you to easily share, and for a fee, your various subscriptions in order for other people to benefit from them while amortizing their cost. The French startup also finds its way there by charging a commission of 4% per transfer.

Netflix, Disney and Apple file a complaint against a French startup

Thus, most video and music streaming services are offered like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, or even Spotify. This principle has already attracted 120,000 customers in three years, in 25 European countries.

However, there is a catch: the platforms clearly do not like this concept and have taken legal action against Spliiit. According CapitalApple, Netflix, and Disney, which are part of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), first put the French company on notice to deactivate the accounts and remove references to their brands.

Their request was not taken into account, and they then summoned Spliiit before the Paris tribunal de grande instance at the end of last year. In this fight, French society has already won a first battle. Justice has indeed decided that the emergency procedure that the streaming giants wanted to borrow was not justified.

However, the case is ongoing and the plaintiffs declined to comment. The charges against Spliiit are quite serious, and the startup is thus notably accused of counterfeiting, unfair competition, or even parasitism.

Quoted by our colleagues, Guillaume Lochard, co-founder of Spliiit, defends himself: “ We are not parasites, on the contrary, we expand the market by offering more accessible prices. ” According to him, ” it is the battle of a Gallic village which tries to resist the powerful Americans “.

Not sure that this argument does not convince the plaintiffs. Scarred by a delicate year 2022, the streaming giants do not seem ready to give gifts. On the contrary, they seek to generate new sources of income to finance their productions. Thus, Netflix and Disney + will both offer new, cheaper packages that will be funded by advertising.

For its part, Netflix also wants to put an end to the sharing of free accounts between two people who do not live in the same place. The latter will always be possible, but at an additional cost. If this subject interests you, you can find our article which goes into detail on what to expect here.

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