What is the anti-scam filter supposed to protect French people online?


Enough is enough. The cyber threat is everywhere in 2022, and the French government is well aware of it. This is the message that Minister Delegate for Digital Jean-Noël Barrot wanted to convey during his visit to the Cyber ​​Campus last week. He thus recalled that one in two companies and one in three communities were victims of a cyberattack in 2021.

An anti-scam filter launched in 2023?

To better protect the French, the government therefore has a specific three-point action plan. One of them particularly caught our attention: the deployment of an anti-scam filter. This is a new tool called ” simple, optional and free “, promised Emmanuel Macron during his presidential campaign.

Concretely, the latter will make it possible to filter in a preventive manner the addresses of malicious sites on fixed and mobile. Quoted by The galleryJean-Noël Barrot explains: “ It will warn Internet users in real time about threats. »

For the time being, the government has asked a “task-force” to work on the technical methods of implementing this system. A first report will be made in January before the deployment of a beta of the filter for the summer of 2023. One year later, the tool will be accessible to the public.

Quoted by our colleagues, Jérôme Notin, the director of Cybermalveillance, the public body which coordinates the “task force”, explains that this tool is not “ a magic solution “. He adds : “ It will not block the phishing but the consequence of the phishing “.

Clearly, the risk of receiving phishing emails and text messages will still be there, but when victims click on malicious links, the site will be blocked. These attacks could then prove ineffective for cybercriminals, and Internet users would therefore be better protected.

During his visit, the Minister addressed two other points which will also be important to better secure the French. The idea is thus to strengthen prevention among Internet users. By raising awareness among the general public on topics such as updating software, not clicking on dubious links, or changing passwords regularly, a real leap forward would be achieved in this area.

The government also wants to set up a cyber-score, a concept that takes up the principle of the nutri-score for food. Thus, a score from A to E will be assigned to the various websites to assess the quality of protection of the visitor’s personal data. This device will not see the light of day before the end of 2023, and we still lack precise information on this project.

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