at -50%, this 15″ portable screen is a very smart purchase


Since its arrival on the market, this Zeuslap screen has positioned itself among the top sellers in all categories. This true bestseller fully deserves its place because of its technical qualities, its imposing screen of more than 15 inches and its advantageous price. This is confirmed today with this special offer presented by AliExpress for Single Day.

Today, you have the choice between the touch or non-touch version of this famous Zeuslap screen, here are the current offers at AliExpress.

These flash offers are available on AliExpress, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer on the Zeuslap (touch) screen

I take advantage of the offer on the Zeuslap screen (non-touch)

Single Day is a special operation that takes place exclusively at AliExpress. During this event, the online merchant displays the best prices of the year, especially since it is a fairly quiet period for the e-commerce giants, so you have the opportunity to find nuggets accompanied by reductions ultra aggressive, like this Zeuslap screen. Especially since you are entitled to all the usual benefits by placing an order on the site.

As a result, Zeuslap screens (in touchscreen version or not) are shipped in three working days from a warehouse in France. You therefore receive the device quickly, but also free of charge since VAT is included when ordering. At the same time, AliExpress always highlights the withdrawal period of 14 days, a legal period during which you can return the order free of charge and without justification to be reimbursed in full on this product.

Why fall for this Zeuslap touch screen?

This Zeuslap screen is a little nugget for anyone looking for a second screen to combine with any device. At first, it is interesting because it has a 15.6-inch IPS panel with Full HD definition and HDR compatibility. This is significantly larger than a large proportion of laptops are confined to 13 inches, which makes it a perfect everyday ally for working more comfortably, for example.

However, these Zeuslap screens are not intended to allow you to work only. Indeed, their compatibility offers them real versatility, both in a professional and personal context. So you can also take advantage of it to watch content or play games thanks to its touch screen. More concretely, you have the possibility of connecting the accessory to the device of your choice, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or even video game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch.

The touchscreen version of this Zeuslap screen weighs just 775 grams, so it’s still light enough to take with you on your outdoor trips. Finally, its connectivity also proves to meet our expectations with a Thunderbolt Type-C port, a USB Type-C Power Delivery port, a mini HDMI input and a 3.5 mm jack port. This model is a nugget, it is certain that the flash sale will come to an end in less than a few hours.

Special offers are highlighted on AliExpress, here:

I take advantage of the offer on the Zeuslap (touch) screen

I take advantage of the offer on the Zeuslap screen (non-touch)

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