HBO makes a mistake and reveals the release date of the series


There’s someone in danger of getting slapped in the HBO offices… Until then, HBO, Naughty Dog and PlayStation Productions were very vague about the official release date of The Last of Us. We knew that the series would be released at the beginning of next year but without further details. However, today there is something new.

Indeed, there was a blunder on the HBO Max application, the streaming platform on which the series will be broadcast exclusively. And the release date of The Last of Us has finally been unveiled, even if it was not planned. A mistake on HBO’s part but good news for fans.

See you in January 2023 to discover The Last of Us

It is certainly one of the most anticipated series at the moment. The Last of Us is an adaptation of the eponymous video game saga, and more precisely of the first opus released in 2013. This first season takes us to meet Joël and Ellie, respectively played by Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game Of Thrones).

After several years of unbearable suspense, we have never been so close to discovering the series The Last of Us. If we have already been able to see the first promising images and an incredible trailer, there remained a great mystery around the series: its release date.

Luckily (for the fans, less for the awkward one who made that mistake), HBO has revealed the show’s release date. The first episode of The Last of Us set to release January 15, 2023 on HBO Max. Originally, the platform only wanted to unveil a new preview of the series. But she forgot to hide an oh so important detail. This date sticks with the information, rumors and other noises of corridors which circulated until now on this subject.

Faced with this blunder, it is almost certain that HBO will make an announcement in the coming days. History to formalize this release date. Fans therefore only have to wait two and a half months before finally discovering the promising adaptation of The Last of Us.

There remains a major problem for us, French spectators. Indeed, the series is planned on HBO Max. A platform that we have not yet seen flourish in our area. At the moment, the situation is a bit complicated. Indeed, HBO is linked to OCS until the end of 2022. And after? No one really knows. Initially, HBO Max was to land in our green lands in 2023.

However, the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery seems to have reshuffled the cards. It is possible that the bouquet of television channels devoted to series and cinema from Orange will take the opportunity to negotiate a new year. Waiting for the new SVOD under construction from HBO (which should arrive in 2024)… But nothing is certain at the moment.

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