They thought Google was lying about the battery life of its watch, were they right?


With a little delay, Google finally gave its worshipers the smartwatch they’ve been asking for: the Pixel Watch. If the success is there, many have been disillusioned with the very (too) fair autonomy of the latter. While the Mountain View company claims that it is with you for 24 hours, some users are struggling to achieve a full day of autonomy and do not hide to complain about it. But Google retorts and affirms it: its Pixel Watch does indeed have a 24-hour battery life. Here’s how…

Google reveals how to get 24 hours of battery life on its connected watch

As often, the question of the autonomy of a product is delicate. Whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop or a connected watch, the autonomy will mainly depend on your use. Indeed, after our test of the first connected watch from Google, we say that the Pixel Watch lasts between 20 and 26 hours depending on use. But many people claim that the smartwatch does not reach the 24 hours of battery life guaranteed by Google at all. Faced with these “accusations”, the Mountain View firm defends the endurance of its first smartwatch.

On its site, Google explains how to make your Pixel Watch’s battery last up to 24 hours. The company obtained the result of 24 hours of autonomy according to the following usage: 240 notifications, 280 time checks, a 5-minute LTE call, a 45-minute LTE and GPS sports session with downloaded music on YouTube, 50 minutes of using Google Maps while connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. These results were obtained by keeping the default settings, only by disabling the always-on display of the screen.

To increase the battery life of your Pixel Watch, Google also recommends using its battery saver, which in addition to disabling the always-on screen display will disable the “Tilt to Wake” feature. The latter activates your screen when you move your wrist. The Mountain View company also advises deactivating the GPS of your connected watch or activating Night mode to extend the autonomy of the latter. Again, the autonomy of your Pixel Watch depends mainly on the use you make of it.

But in any case, the autonomy of the Pixel Watch remains very fair. A full day of endurance is not necessarily satisfactory, even if it puts Google’s connected watch in the average of what can be found on the market.

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