This French startup just had the worst idea to make us money


Instagram will have work to do if the concept of the Montpellier startup The Social Race gains momentum. On an online platform, the company tries to motivate brands to launch advertisements that individuals like you and me can post on their accounts in order to earn money. A way to extend the concept of influence marketing to everyone, to reach micro-audiences and multiply them.

The Social Race sells its idea by explaining that everyone is someone’s influencer, and that we certainly have more impact than a star on our family, our close friends and sometimes even our colleagues. So after the professional influencers, The Social Race based in Montpellier wants to multiply advertisements and product placements from everywhere on our Instagram profiles. Death assured for social networks.

“We connect advertisers with small influencers who can share an advertisement for this structure, and allow it to appear on many accounts at the same time. Subscribers can post on any social network (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter…). Our service is available free of charge to users, on our platform and mobile application”explained the company to Free lunch. Note that each publication must remain online for at least 30 days.

Up to 17,000 euros in income

In return, users will earn money. And according to The Social Race, that can go up fast. A few euros “over 17,000 euros” for the most important, announced the startup in its interview with Midi Libre. After 3000 euros of income, individuals will have to open a micro-entrepreneur account, otherwise they will not be able to declare this money normally for taxes. So inevitably, to be able to earn enough, it will be necessary to multiply the posts. And it is on this point that the idea is controversial.

Already 11,000 people have joined the platform to start earning money with ads on their account. The Social Race was born in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, and was supported by the Business & Innovation Center (BIC), an important body for the local French Tech community. Fundraising between 5 and 10 million euros is planned for next year.

What do you think about this idea ? One thing is certain, with it, social networks will lose even more of their personal and spontaneous aspect. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook but also TikTok, advertisements have largely gained ground with the arrival of partnerships between brands and influencers. If the general public also started publishing impersonal advertisements, what would be interesting to see?

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