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That’s a fact : the French paid around 219 euros in bank charges in 2021. The year 2022 promises to be even worse, with fees that would be on the rise. With galloping inflation, changing banks to optimize these (unnecessary) costs is relevant. Depending on the establishments, you can drastically reduce these fees – down to 0 euros if you are doing well.

If you are looking for a free bank that does not impose any conditions (income, domiciliation or making it a main account), there is Hello bank!. This online bank is a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group. On the other hand, its pricing policy is quite different from that of its parent company: it is free for the Hello One formula. Even better, it offers you 80 euros to open an account there right now.

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Hello bank! is a comprehensive bank with a range of products similar to that of your neighborhood bank. You will find a current account, bank cards, credit, savings or even the stock market at your fingertips. Online banking offers you great autonomy thanks to interfaces (computer and mobile) that allow you to do almost everything. If needed, customer support is available by phone.

With more than 700,000 customers in France, Hello bank! proved that his model was reliable. The second largest online bank in France offers a very good compromise for anyone wishing to change banks. French people looking for a completely free banking alternative can have a great time with Hello One, while those who want a premium banking solution will find what they are looking for with Hello Prime.

Hello One versus Hello Prime

To facilitate understanding of its offer, Hello bank! has limited its range of bank cards to two: Hello One and Hello Prime. When you open a current account with her, you will then have to choose between one or the other. As stated above, Hello One is the only free formula. Hello Prime costs 5 euros per month, and it comes with an obligation to justify 1,000 euros of income per month.

The Hello One formula is perfect for everyday use. It is a Visa Classic type card which is immediately debited and with systematic authorisation. In other words, your balance will be checked with each transaction to ensure that you have the funds to complete your purchase. If this is not the case, the operation will be refused. The Hello Prime card benefits from more flexibility with deferred debit (end of month) and an authorized overdraft.

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Other differences include the fact that the Hello Prime card comes with the assurances and guarantees of a Visa Premier. Also, Prime customers may have caps that are higher than Hello One customers. In fact, for standard use of your bank, you can very well be satisfied with the free account.

That said, Hello Prime offers excellent value for money. For 5 euros per month (or 60 euros per year), you are entitled to a premium service with a card similar to the Visa Premier. You can consult any traditional bank, none offer such favorable pricing for such a product. Hello bank! is very aggressive in this high-end segment and the success is there.

In the case of the Hello One formula, you can reduce your bank charges to zero. This saves you more than 200 euros per year with this card. As for the Hello Prime formula, the savings also amount to hundreds of euros. In a traditional bank, an account and a premium card quickly cost between 300 and 400 euros per year, which you will avoid with this online bank.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition

Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €10

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✔

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Foreign currency withdrawals: Free • Foreign currency payments: Free



A double advantage at Hello bank!

If you have read our opinion on Hello bank, you may have understood that the online bank is currently organizing a seduction operation with the French. It offers a welcome bonus to all its customers, which had not happened since almost the beginning of the year. So now is the perfect time to open an account there and get that little extra bonus that will make you feel at ease.

In the case of Hello One, which is the free account, you will receive 80 euros when opening the account. Again, this does not require you to make it a main account: you can very well keep your main bank on one side, and use this Hello bank! in a secondary way. Gradually, you can always decide to go more towards online banking if it appeals to you.

If you opt for the Hello Prime premium formula, you then have a double advantage: not only will you receive 80 euros when opening the account, but Hello bank! also offers you the first 6 months of subscription. This allows you to save another 6 x 5 euros, or 30 euros, by opting for this bank card. This is the most generous offer of the last three years at Hello bank!.

Open an account with Hello bank! will only take a few minutes before you can access your personal space. From there, you will be able to discover a whole new way of approaching the bank. You will enjoy a higher-end (and more affordable) service than in your traditional bank, while enjoying unbeatable pricing. It’s without obligation, you can terminate your account whenever you want.

To discover the offers, it’s here:

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