at -40%, this gaming smartphone is the STAR of Single Day


The Poco F4 GT is one of the most recent models in its range, it was made official by the Xiaomi brand in the spring of 2022. This is positioned in the segment of mid-range gaming-oriented smartphones, so well that it accumulates more than adequate technical qualities for a contained price, even without discount. However, we still appreciate this excellent flash offer offered by AliExpress on the occasion of its Single Day.

Today, it is possible to purchase the Poco F4 GT for 374 euros instead of 599 euros with the code SDXFR32. First, you will need to activate the seller’s coupon (20 euros) on the product sheet of the smartphone. Then, when you go to the finalization of the order, a field allows you to enter the code SDXFR32. The Poco F4 GT thus drops to 374 euros, which is the best price ever seen.

The Poco F4 GT is available on AliExpress with this flash sale:

I take advantage of the offer

For years, Poco has been a sub-brand of Xiaomi. Nevertheless, it became independent from the group a few years ago, although it retains all the qualities of the group’s phones. As a result, it has its place in the entry-level and mid-range smartphone market. For its part, the Poco F4 GT presents itself as one of the most advanced versions thanks to its technical features oriented towards gaming.

The Poco F4 GT, a model dedicated to gaming that exceeds its category

The Poco F4 GT has it all and that’s what it’s been doing since it was made official by the brand a few months ago. It has many technical advantages, to the point that it sometimes exceeds its own segment, that of mid-range smartphones, to share some qualities with high-end phones. This is first of all the case with its 6.67-inch AMOLED screen supported by an FHD + resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Beyond this first element, the Poco F4 GT benefits from a 4,700 mAh battery coupled with 120 W HyperCharge fast charging. First, this means that you can use the smartphone for about two days with traditional use. . Then you only need 20 minutes of charging for it to regain 100% of its battery life, that’s a feat compared to the vast majority of mid-range or high-end phones. We also note the presence of four Dolby Atmos compatible speakers and magnetic triggers capable of withstanding more than 1.5 million pressures for an excellent gaming experience.

As for the photo, Xiaomi has not skimped on the means either with the Poco F4 GT. To do this, there is a 20 Mpx sensor on the front and a triple photo sensor on the back. This counts on the presence of a main sensor of 64 Mpx, an ultra wide-angle of 8 Mpx and a macro sensor of 2 Mpx. Note that the photo block takes up the entire width of the back of the phone, which changes cameras that are usually installed in one of the upper corners to take up as little space as possible. This bias is appreciable, it brings a design a little different from what is usually done. More generally, its finishes are intended to be quite simple and refined at the same time.

I take advantage of the offer

Power is another strong point of the Poco F4 GT. Indeed, the mid-range smartphone relies on the presence of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, which is compatible with the 5G network. It’s one of specialist Qualcomm’s high-end processors, so you have no problem running your favorite mobile games or using your heaviest mobile apps. Coupled with the pleasant interface offered by the MIUI overlay, the chip promises a smooth experience.

The Single Day, the best operation of the year on AliExpress

This year, the Single Day on AliExpress runs from November 1 to 12, this is the first time that the special operation lasts so long, as it usually took place over two days. The principle of this edition always remains the same, it is about exclusive flash sales which make fall very strongly the prices of thousands of products. In the category of smartphones, we therefore find the famous Poco F4 GT at an unbeatable price.

AliExpress also has a lot of benefits included with every order. Single Day or not, the Poco F4 GT is necessarily delivered in a few working days, because the merchant ships it from a French warehouse. Thus, the VAT is included and you have no additional costs when buying online. The withdrawal period of 14 days, mandatory in the country, is in order. During this period, you have the option of making a free return for a full refund on the phone.

Finally, the Poco F4 GT benefits from the same manufacturer’s warranty with AliExpress as with the official brand, i.e. two years. As you can see, the level of services is exactly the same as other online merchants, except that the price is much cheaper. Moreover, this is how this actor continues to impose himself in France and in Europe for a few years.

Single Day being the biggest special operation in the world, well ahead of Amazon and its Prime Day, we recommend that you take advantage of it without delay. At this price, the Poco F4 GT is destined to be unavailable at any time, and we do not know when it will be possible to find it accompanied by such an advantageous price.

The Poco F4 GT has a discount on AliExpress, here:

I take advantage of the offer

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