face to this robot vacuum cleaner at -60%, Dyson can not do anything


Roborock is a brand of premium vacuum cleaners, it is particularly famous for its autonomous devices that have stood out for several years on the market. These multiply the technical qualities to the point of positioning themselves among the best models in the world. Nevertheless, the manufacturer does not only focus on this product category, so it has another bestseller, and that is the Roborock Dyad.

Worthy of a classic stick vacuum cleaner, this model has more than one trick up its sleeve, as it is capable of sucking up dust, mopping the floor and cleaning itself after cleaning the floors. For Single Day, the device benefits from an unprecedented discount on AliExpress, so that the Roborock Dyad drops to the price of 206 euros instead of 499 euros thanks to the code SDXFR23. It’s simple, you save -58% on a vacuum cleaner that has been on the market for barely a year.

The Roborock Dyad is displayed at a low price on AliExpress:

I take advantage of the offer

Single Day on AliExpress starts on November 1 and ends on November 12. Throughout this period, the online merchant unveils thousands of offers. On the other hand, these are essentially flash sales intended to disappear after just a few hours due to very limited stocks and codes. With a discount of this caliber, the Roborock Dyad clearly falls into this category, so we recommend you don’t wait too long to secure this 3-in-1 stick vacuum at this crazy price.

Choose this 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner in AliExpress

The Roborock Dyad is a small nugget, it has been available on the market since November 2021. With this model, the brand of the same name marks its entry into a new product category, that of vacuum cleaners and washers. At the same time, it retains its DNA in order to offer a robust and solid device that can be just as effective even after several years of use.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the price that currently accompanies the Roborock Dyad is the best on the market. AliExpress has no rivals on this reference at present, no online merchant can offer such a favorable rate. At around 200 euros, the broom vacuum cleaner becomes a better choice than the Dyson models which are content to suck up dust, since it is intended to be ambivalent for a floor that is always clean after its passage.

AliExpress is not satisfied with this -58% discount on the Roborock Dyad. Indeed, the online merchant has also established itself among the leaders in France by being able to offer a level of service similar to that of its counterparts represented by Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and others. Initially, he therefore relies on free and fast delivery, which is carried out from a French warehouse in three working days. This way the VAT is included and you do not have any additional costs.

I take advantage of the offer

AliExpress also has a withdrawal period of 14 days after delivery of the Roborock Dyad. This period is mandatory for all online merchants in France, as it allows customers to be able to change their mind, return the order free of charge and be reimbursed in full. It’s perfect if you still have doubts about the ability of the broom vacuum cleaner to convince you, which we strongly doubt. To this, it should be added that the two-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with this model.

The Roborock Dyad, an ultra high-end model

The first quality of the Roborock Dyad is the fact that it does not have a wire or a bag. In appearance, it therefore takes the form of a fairly classic broom vacuum cleaner with a very useful handle to enhance its maneuverability. So you can pass it around without worrying about a possible electrical outlet or a sled that you have to pull behind you. Its ergonomics have been designed so that it remains very easy to steer, so that the result is very convincing.

The design difference between the Roborock Dyad and a simple stick vacuum is the presence of additional tools. Indeed, there are two water tanks placed on the handle, one contains used water while the other is filled with clean water to avoid contact between the two. On this space, a sealed dust container receives all the dirt collected by the device when you do the housework.

The Roborock Dyad is a powerful stick vacuum, it includes two motors that rotate three rollers in opposite directions so that all the dirt is perfectly sucked up, whether on the floor or on the sides. In addition, the device is able to adapt its level of cleaning according to the dirt detected on the different surfaces while a drying mode leaves them completely dry without you having to wait.

Finally, the Roborock Dyad is able to clean itself. When you store it at its base, you just have to click on a button and it takes care of washing its rollers without your help so that it is ready to use afterwards. A small screen tells you the battery level and other information, knowing that the autonomy is about 35 minutes for an area of ​​about 280 m2. With the offer put forward by AliExpress on the occasion of Single Day, you have everything to choose this broom vacuum cleaner serenely, in particular its price which is around 200 euros only, you cannot find better elsewhere.

The Roborock Dyad is cheaply priced at AliExpress:

I take advantage of the offer

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