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From today Amazon Prime subscribers are entitled to a small gift. Indeed, Amazon is changing what is included in the subscription. Now, Prime subscribers no longer simply have access to 2 million titles on the Amazon Music service, but to the entire catalog (100 million songs of all genres).

There is nevertheless a limitation which means that many subscribers will agree to continue paying the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription (€9.99 per month): it remains impossible to choose the song of your choice with the offer included with Prime . Instead, you just have to listen to a random song by clicking on an artist, an album or a playlist.

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Prime subscribers finally have better access to Amazon Music, but there are still limits

However, there is a small exception: the playlists attached to the mention “All Access”, but that’s it. For the rest, once the random title has finished playing, the next one will also be a randomly chosen title, a bit like if you had activated the shuffle function with a paid subscription (without being able to deactivate it). Of course, true music lovers will therefore prefer to pay the supplement. Or even use competing services like Spotify or Apple Music.

The latter cost about the same price, and offer a much larger music catalog, in addition to features such as lossless audio playback, AI-powered music recommendations (such as the playlist Discoveries of the week on Spotify) and Spatial Audio (actually audio playback with Dolby Atmos technology which is available via Apple Music).

In addition, it should be noted that this free subscription does not give access to high quality music playback, another major limitation that should turn away the most music-loving users. But at least the playback isn’t interspersed with ads like it does on platforms like Spotify. On the sidelines of this announcement, Amazon also talked about podcasts.

Some shows are now available without advertising for Prime members, as are the platform’s exclusive podcasts (original creations). Of course, however, it is still entirely possible to use competing streaming services with all Amazon products, in particular Spotify or Deezer on Amazon Echo speakers for example.

What do you think of these novelties? Share your opinion in the comments.

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