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“The VPS virus database has been updated”. If you know this phrase, then you know Avast! Yes, this sentence is a childhood or adolescent memory, but the risk of cyberattacks persists. There is a tendency to believe that viruses such as the Trojan horse no longer exist, or very little. But even today, millions of computers around the world are infected with viruses every day.

Avast is the best antivirus software available today for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. At the moment, the premium version of Avast, Avast One, offers you great immediate discounts on their two subscriptions. So you can take advantage of the individual subscription at -71% or, if you want to share, the family offer at -70%. Attention : these offers are ephemeral.

I take advantage of the offer

Why is all-in-one protection software necessary?

Advanced security tools like Avast One are essential to protect your devices and personal information from hackers. Avast One helps you take control of your digital security by giving you clear feedback on your digital habits and offering personalized advice to improve your cybersecurity.

Indeed, cybercriminals and computer viruses are evolving every day and constantly creating new ways to threaten the security of user data. By adopting good online habits, taking care of your digital hygiene and using Avast One, you can, for example, prevent identity theft and money theft.

And concretely Avast One, how does it work?

Today and at a low price, Avast One provides a complete antivirus to its users. It easily protects your devices from malware and viruses. It also scans flash drives and SD cards on external storage for viruses. This gives Avast One the upper hand against even the most serious threats. Avast One’s firewall prevents intruders from getting through it. Therefore, the antivirus program protects you completely.

Avast One’s main role is to protect PCs and smartphones, but the software also improves your privacy when browsing the Internet thanks to its VPN functionality. This means you can shop securely online and use banking websites with confidence. Best of all, advertisers can’t track you while using one-click private browsing. Avast One detects and blocks phishing scams. Finally, its VPN function will appeal to movie fans. Connect to the VPN to enjoy all Netflix, Disney+ or even Prime Video catalogs from any country in the world.

Additionally, Avast One recovers passwords that have been stolen by other programs. You don’t need to worry about passwords stored in your web browser.

Avast One is constantly monitored, and if it detects a threat, it alerts you directly through a notification system. Finally, this protection software has very practical optimization and cleaning functions: it also cleans, updates and optimizes the devices on a regular basis.

It’s very simple, with Avast One, you can:

  • Protect you from future infection, and remove malicious programs such as Trojans
  • Hide your IP address and unblock websites with VPN
  • Protect your network with a firewall
  • Clean up and speed up your devices to optimize performance
  • Protect your personal information against data leaks and breaches

Which Avast One plan is right for me?

Two Avast One subscriptions are available at a mini price. The Avast One Individual offer drops to 2.19 euros per month instead of 7.50 euros the first year. You get one account for five devices. This represents a saving of 63 euros over the year.

Otherwise, for those who want to enjoy it with others, you can opt for the Avast One Family subscription which offers an even greater discount: it only costs 2.99 euros per month instead of 9.99 euros. This formula allows users to access up to 6 accounts and 30 devices! Thanks to the 71% discount, the annual amount goes from 119.99 euros to 35.88 euros, i.e. a saving of more than 84 euros.A bargain too, considering it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Take care of your personal data and your devices with Avast One, the most complete all-in-one protection software on the market.

I take advantage of the offer

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