This Xiaomi smartphone has a real camera lens


10 years ago, Xiaomi smartphones were considered cheap products, with interesting technical data sheets. But today, the brand has moved upmarket, and its products are high-end products, rivaling iPhones and Samsung’s premium mobiles.

This move upmarket has been accompanied by a significant improvement in camera quality on Xiaomi smartphones, while entry-level and mid-range products are sold through the Redmi and Poco brands.

By the way, this year Xiaomi made a big announcement, as far as cameras are concerned. Indeed, the manufacturer has partnered with Leica to further improve the quality of images captured with some of its models.

And obviously, the manufacturer is also involved in the race against DSLRs.

Xiaomi presents an amazing smartphone concept

Today, smartphones do not yet surpass DSLRs. But it will happen. And as for Xiaomi, it could one day release smartphones that can accommodate real camera lenses, such as DSLRs.

In the meantime, the manufacturer lifts the veil on a mouth-watering concept. As reported by our colleagues from Android Authority, the smartphone is called Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept.

On the back, it has two 1-inch sensors, one of which picks up light directly from the external lens. Xiaomi has not developed its own lenses, but has equipped its smartphone with Leica’s M-mount module. And it is the M-lenses lenses compatible with this module that attach to the smartphone.

Unfortunately, for the moment, the manufacturer does not indicate when this concept could be transformed into a commercial product. But in any case, the fact that Xiaomi has thought about it shows the importance that the quality of the camera has for the brand, today.

Afterwards, it should be noted that Xiaomi likes to present technologies under development, but which may not be released for several years. For example, it has already presented a wireless or contact charging system. But the technology still hasn’t made it to commercial products so far.

Smartphones will overtake DSLRs, with or without a lens

In any case, even without these detachable lenses, smartphones are overtaking DSLRs. In any case, this is what Sony and Qualcomm claim, which respectively supply sensors and processors to smartphone manufacturers.

On the one hand, photo sensors for smartphones are more and more developed. And on the other, their processors are more and more efficient, especially in terms of artificial intelligence.

For Qualcomm, it is also thanks to processors that smartphones will overtake DSLRs. Indeed, phones will have significantly greater processing capabilities than cameras.

Smartphones also benefit from artificial intelligence. “In the future, we’ll see a lot more AI capabilities to understand the scene, to understand the difference between skin and hair, fabric and background and that sort of thing. And all of those pixels are processed differently in real time, not just after post-processing a few seconds after the snapshot is taken, but in real time during a video shoot.”explained Judd Heape, vice president of product management for cameras at Qualcomm.

And if you add real goals to the equation, the results could be impressive.

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