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Juventus PSG streaming, it is the shock of this day of the group stages of the Champions League. If you want to watch the game in HD, there are two great private TV channels to choose from. The first option to see Juventus PSG is RMC Sport or Canal+. The two channels allow you to watch the Champions League, including Juve PSG, in streaming, without ads and live.

To see the match in Live HD, it’s here:

Watch the match in HD streaming

Even if this match does not have a major stake for the PSG already qualified than for the eliminated Juventus of Turin, Christophe Galtier declared before the meeting “We have the ambition and the duty to finish first in the group“. Still according to him,PSG are very close to winning a trophy”. Before arriving there, it will be necessary to pass the stage of the 8th and quarter-finals to reach the last four of the competition.

To not miss anything from Juventus PSG streaming, we advise you to turn to the offers offered by RMC Sport or Canal +. You are guaranteed to see the match from kick-off, live in HD, without ads and with high-quality commentary. This is the most effective and all the more 100% legal solution, which saves you from having to look for links on disreputable streaming sites, stuffed with advertisements and sometimes even malware.

Juventus PSG the shock streaming of the year

This streaming Juventus PSG closes the group stage of the Champions League. While PSG is guaranteed to participate in the eighth, Juventus of Turin absolutely had to win against Benfica on the last day. Unfortunately, the “blacks and whites” did not achieve the feat and lost 4 goals to 3 against the Portuguese club. They are therefore already eliminated from the Champions League and will fight to obtain a place in the Europa League. For that, they will have to at least equal the result of Maccabi Haifa which hosts Benfica.

We remind you that the kick-off will be given at 9:00 p.m. this evening and that it is possible to follow Juventus Turin PSG streaming and support your favorite football club via RMC Sport or Canal +. Two possibilities are therefore available to you: the subscription to 19 euros per month of RMC Sport at a reduced price or the formula at 25.99 euros offered by Canal +.

To access the PSG Juventus Turin streaming, it’s here:

Watch the match with Canal+

To enjoy the rest of the Champions League in HD quality, from the device of your choice, we strongly recommend that you take the plunge. The Juventus PSG streaming match is available live in HD on the RMC Sport and Canal+ TV channels with quality commentary. You will be sure to be able to follow the round of 16 and the matches to come during the knockout phase of the Champions League.

Which TV channel to watch Juve PSG?

As we said, you have the choice between the two channels RMC Sport and Canal + To follow Juventus PSG streaming. Even if both guarantee to see the match, we advise you to go on RMC Sport. Indeed, in addition to being less expensive, the formula offers more flexibility. If the price of 19 euros per month for the 100% digital RMC Sport offer is conditioned by a 12-month commitment, nothing prevents you from choosing the one without commitment at 25 euros per month.

In fact, this allows you to cancel the subscription whenever you want, when your team is eliminated from the competition for example. If you want to watch the entire Champions League, then the 12 month subscription is the most relevant choice since it only costs 19 euros. If you want to go even further, RMC Sport offers a special offer: the RMC Sport + beIN Sports + Amazon Prime + Ligue 1 pack at 25 euros per month for 6 months (then 37 euros per month). The latter runs until November 4th.

The latter gives you access to all the matches of the Champions League but also to the majority of those of Ligue 1 Uber Eats. In addition, you get the benefits of an Amazon Prime subscription which includes free one-day home delivery, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, and more.

At Canal+, you will have to commit to a period of 24 months in order to be able to take advantage of the advantageous price of 25.99 euros on the 100% UEFA Champions League formula with beIN Sports. This tariff is valid for one year, after which it will cost you 35.99 euros. Also, if you are under 26, you are privileged since you benefit from a reduction of -50%. You will be sure to be able to watch the Juventus Turin PSG streaming in the Champions League on Canal+. In addition to the Champions League, you also have access to other TV channels and content, which is very valuable.

In short, RMC Sport offers the cheapest and most flexible offer. At Canal+, it’s a little more expensive but you have access to other quality content alongside football. Whichever TV channel you choose, you’ll be sure to see this match streaming Juventus Turin PSG without any advertising and in HD quality. Especially since registration only takes a few minutes. Don’t forget, the kick off for this Juventus Turin PSG match starts this November 2 at 9:00 p.m.

To see the match on RMC Sport, it’s here:

Watch the match in HD streaming

To watch the match on Canal+, it’s here:

See the Canal+ offer

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