A video game really does not make Ikea laugh (which issues an ultimatum)


A priori, the furniture giant Ikea, with its 46 billion dollars in turnover achieved in 2021, should have nothing to do with Jacob Shaw, a modest British video game developer. However, their paths have just crossed. And for good reason, the Swedish company believes that the cooperative survival game The Store is Closedslated for final release only in 2024, constitutes trademark infringement.

A very big blow for this independent studio

Concretely, this title takes place in an “infinite furniture store”, and that’s where the beat hurts, according to Ikea. The latter looks a little too much like those of the company. The lawyers therefore contacted the studio of Jacob Shaw, which is called Ziggy. In a letter obtained by our colleagues from Kotakuhe is given ten days to modify the game and remove the clues associated with famous Ikea stores “.

The document then lists the reproaches made to the editor: Your game uses a blue and yellow sign with a Scandinavian name on the store, a blue box-shaped building, yellow vertical striped shirts identical to those worn by Ikea staff, a gray path on the floor, furniture that look like Ikea furniture and product signage that looks like Ikea “.

Many other details are reported by the company, but most are disputed by the developer. However, the latter will probably have no choice, and he will have to comply with these requests, even if he tells our colleagues to seek legal advice.

He adds full of annoyance: I was going to spend the last week of my Kickstarter preparing an update for all the new alpha testers. But now I desperately have to revamp the whole look of the game so I don’t get sued “.

This story, which looks like a battle between David and Goliath, has however made the rounds of the media, and should create sympathy in favor of the small independent studio. A nice involuntary publicity stunt which the developer would have clearly done well.

It will also be interesting to follow the continuation of this affair, and a “Streisand effect” may also occur. We know that when a celebrity or a big brand tries to prevent the release of a product, a real craze then manifests itself for the latter.

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