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With a public ID, every Revolut customer has been able to send and receive money with other neo-bank users for several years. A refund for a bar? Pocket money ? A contribution to a purchase? On its application, everything is done instantly and everything is rather practical and friendly. Like the GIFs that we could send each other in addition to a short message to describe the purpose of our transfer to our correspondent.

If it is possible to send GIFs and a quick message to specify the nature of the transfer, there is no doubt that it would not require major technical work to extend the functionality to a real instant messaging service. A finding that Revolut actually had. Its teams have developed a new feature so that this time its customers can extend the discussion. WhatsApp better watch out. The neo-bank hopes to be able to capture all the conversations about money, which are often difficult to discuss otherwise.

talk about money

Revolut instant messaging has just been launched and you will be able to exchange messages with your contacts, registered on the application. Whether you have a free Revolut account or a premium account, access to it is open to everyone. In a study commissioned for the occasion, the neo-bank said that two thirds of Europeans and Britons had difficulty talking about money. This new channel of communication, on a dedicated platform where it is possible to make a transfer in two clicks, will be an opportunity for Revolut to separate conversations and encourage users to exchange more and dare to remind you of a refund or a note sharing.

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The concept of “super app”, which drives Revolut to release this kind of functionality, stems from this desire to limit the number of platforms for customers, so that they can find everything in the same place, without having to use several applications. The communication chapter was therefore very important for Revolut to take into account. In Lisbon, Nikolay Storonsky, the co-founder of the neo-bank, announced the new feature during the Web Summit, which runs until tomorrow, Friday November 4.

As on WhatsApp, Revolut says it carries out end-to-end encryption of messages to guarantee their confidentiality and protection.

Revolut is trending all over Europe

With the difficulties of N26, Revolut has largely won the neo-bank race in Europe (and is among the biggest in the rest of the world too). With its more than 20 million customers, its name also sends strong signs on the Internet, while the “Revolut” search is the most popular on the Old Continent. Recently, we gave you our feedback after 3 years of using a Revolut card in our daily lives, and we also discussed Revolut’s capabilities for much more secure Internet payments.

In 2022, the neo-bank is preparing to launch new banking products after obtaining the necessary licenses to operate as a credit institution. We still don’t have a date, but credit and savings offers should be coming soon. Recently, French Revolut customers got a new French IBAN attached to their account, a handy change to avoid using a Lithuanian IBAN. At the same time, it has redoubled its efforts on the professional side, with the launch of a new offer dedicated to auto-entrepreneurs. A mobile payment terminal is also in the cards.

Current account

Conditions: None

Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €0

Check deposit: ✘ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free up to €200 per month • Euro zone payments: Free

Foreign currency withdrawals: Free up to €200 per month • Foreign currency payments: Free

Proposed cards

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