This German start-up wants to end starvation from space


The financial difficulties of recent months have plunged investments. The speeches of young stars-up are increasingly rare on the subject. Space was a booming market, but the sector was hit hard by this new economic reality.

Despite the current difficulties, some projects manage to carve out a place and attract investors. This is particularly the case of the young German company Constellr. Behind this name hide former doctors of astronomy, who want to use space to improve the daily lives of millions of people.

The company has just announced that it has completed a fundraising of 10 million euros. Among the names that have taken risks with this project, we find fairly classic players in the sector such as Amathaon Capital or OHB Venture Capital. Everyone believes in the idea of ​​Constellr.

First two satellites under construction

With this money the company should be able to develop the first two satellites which will reach space in the next few years. They will study the Earth in wavelengths of light invisible to the naked eye. The idea is thus to get a very precise idea of ​​the temperature on the surface of the planet.

This data is essential to calculate the use we make of drinking water. For example, if a wheat field was watered a few hours before the satellite passed, it will be colder than the neighboring field which had no water. These minute nuances in temperature can easily be tracked by a satellite, helping to track where the water is being used.

Water: the sinews of war

However, water is a rare commodity. Indeed, this excessive use can have serious consequences. In order to prevent misuse of water, Constellr satellites intend to scan defined areas of our planet to change the habits of people on the surface in order to better use water.

Today the waste of this liquid essential to life would cost nearly 220 billion euros per year. According to the company, the figures are likely to worsen in the coming years, reaching 2 trillion dollars (2 billion billion) before the end of the decade.

Help from Heaven

To combat this unnecessary expense, Constellr tries to bring a better understanding of our ecosystem on Earth. The company ensures that with a better knowledge of ecological problems, public opinion could evolve very quickly and thus fight more effectively against global warming.

In addition to this environmental objective, Constellr places itself in the agricultural market. While yield levels must be ever higher in order to feed the whole world, the Freiburg-based company explains that it wants to help professionals in the sector optimize their water consumption to produce ever more with the same amount of water at the start. .

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