This iPhone charges in 9 minutes, a miracle


Using an iPhone has many advantages, but also disadvantages. When you use an iPhone, you are locked into the Apple ecosystem, and will not be able to install apps that have not been validated by the App Store.

But that’s not all. Compared to the competition, iPhones also charge a little too slowly. For example, an iPhone 14 charges to 50% in 30 minutes, and it takes 1 hour and 33 minutes to have 100% battery. However, on a Xiaomi 12, 30 minutes are enough to have 100%, and it is not even the fastest recharge on the market.

A YouTuber finds a way to charge the iPhone faster

The YouTube channel Strange Parts wanted to look into this problem and therefore researched a way to charge an iPhone 8 faster. A series of experiments not to be carried out at home, of course.

At first, the channel wondered if it could charge the iPhone faster, just by sending more juice. For this, it connected 100 1 A chargers at the same time to the iPhone. But the result was an even slower recharge.

Normally, with those 100 1A chargers, the iPhone should have gone to 100% battery faster. However, the current is blocked by the battery management module (or BMS) which controls the flow of electrical current to the battery.

Charging iPhone Strange Parts

© Strange Parts

Strange Parts therefore carried out a second experiment consisting in circumventing this module. The battery was dismantled and this second experiment was carried out with a 90 A charger, outdoors for safety reasons (for fear of chemical reactions in the battery).

Charging iPhone Strange Parts 1

© Strange Parts

But (surprisingly) the result was still not satisfactory. For the third experiment, the YouTube channel opts for a radical solution: changing the type of battery.

With another battery, what does it do?

The iPhone battery is removed and the circuit is connected to a lithium titanate battery. Charging takes 22 minutes.

Charging iPhone Strange Parts 2

© Strange Parts

It’s already very good, but the youtuber wonders if he can’t speed up the load even more. And for the last experiment, he uses a 5,000 farad lithium-carbon capacitor. And there, the charge is done in 9 minutes.

Charging iPhone Strange Parts 3

© Strange Parts

Basically, the video shows that it would be possible to have an iPhone that charges in no time. However, the solution found by Strange Parts would force the manufacturer to use large batteries (the lithium-carbon capacitor takes up too much space and is almost the same size as the iPhone). And, once again, don’t do this at home!

Fast charging, a defect of the iPhone

As mentioned above, fast charging is the main flaw of iPhones. And if you are in a hurry, the best, for the moment, is to opt for other brands. Indeed, some Chinese manufacturers have found ways to recharge the batteries of their smartphones in no time, while limiting the damage of this fast recharge.

For example, the Realme GT Neo 3 is able to recharge its battery to 53% in 7 minutes, 81% in 12 minutes and 100% in 15 minutes. On the Xiaomi 12T, we go to 100% in 19 minutes, thanks to the 120 W recharge.

And recently, the manufacturer formalized the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition, a smartphone equipped with a fast charge at 210 W which, theoretically, allows you to have 100% in 9 minutes. For comparison, with a 20W adapter, an iPhone 14 only gains 50% battery in 30 minutes.

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