This pensioner believed he had bought €90,000 worth of crypto… fatal error


It is a very sad misadventure that happened to a 70-year-old retiree in Isère. He invested all of his savings, or 90,000 euros, in a crypto investment that looked lucrative. It was actually a well organized scam and he probably won’t be able to get his money back.

A very well done scam

The man told his terrible story to our colleagues at Dauphine Libere. It all starts a little before summer with the receipt of an e-mail. Jean-Marc is offered an investment in a new cryptocurrency called “Amazon Coin”. He answers the questionnaire and is called back by an individual who seems to him to be very professional and who speaks in remarkable French. A return of 2% is offered to him, which does not seem suspicious to him. He then agrees to invest 5000 euros.

His account is then created on a platform that also seems very serious. We are therefore dealing with people with computer skills. From week to week, the calls follow one another and the professionals keep their word. The retiree can also view the amounts paid on the service which correspond to the returns. He therefore agrees to devote increasingly large sums to this Amazon Coin, until he pays out 50,000 euros, or all the rest of his savings.

In the heart of summer, the phone rings and we inform him ” that due to an unexpected outperformance of this new investment, a new interlocutor asks me to pay 13,320 euros in “flat tax” “. Jean-Marc therefore logically asks to release some of his capital to pay this amount, but we dissuade him. He ends up paying 5225 euros.

Little by little, he realizes that he was scammed. A letter with acknowledgment of receipt is sent to Spain at the headquarters of this mysterious financial institution. She will remain unanswered. The septuagenarian ended up filing a complaint. If he hopes that the investigation will succeed one day, he confides that he has little hope on this subject. However, he wishes to bring his testimony to prevent other people from falling into the trap.

Popular with investors, the cryptocurrency industry faces many malicious actors. The major platforms have also had to deal with an upsurge in thefts this year. We recently told you about the crazy sums that have been misappropriated on these services. If you are interested in the subject, you can also read our article which reports impressive figures here.

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