Was Thales the victim of data theft? An investigation is open


This is a case that Thales would have done well. The French industrial giant has indeed suffered a cyberattack from the cybercriminal group LockBit 3.0. For the time being, no ransom demand has been issued, specifies the company. But this hacking is no less problematic, with a potential theft of sensitive data, and Thales specifies that it has opened an internal investigation to take stock.

Very sensitive information stolen from Thales?

In detail, LockBit 3.0 thus spoke on the dark web, and was very threatening. The hackers thus explain that the documents they have in their possession are ” highly sensitive, confidential, high risk “. According to our colleagues from BFMthere would thus be elements related to the operation of the electronic group, commercial and accounting reports, as well as customer files, and software.

Hackers threaten to publish all this information on November 7 and a countdown has even been deployed to increase the tension. They also encourage the customers of the tricolor company to ” get closer to the competent bodies to consider taking legal action against this company which has largely neglected the rules of confidentiality. We are at your disposal to offer you the best of our knowledge “.

On the side of Thales, we nevertheless want to be reassuring. A spokesperson announced that on this date, ” we have not identified any ransom note. However, we carefully monitor each allegation related to data theft. A dedicated team of security experts systematically investigates this type of situation, with data security being our priority “.

Thales, a French and European digital flagship

The threat is taken all the more seriously since the LockBit 3.0 group is not at its first attempt. Last August, the hackers had deployed their ransomware Center hospitalier sud-francilien (CHSF) of Corbeil-Essonnes. They demanded the payment of a ransom of 10 million dollars. The latter had not been paid, and the patient data had ended up online.

Finally, it is important to remember that Thales is one of the largest French industrial companies. It currently has 81,000 employees, and claims 16.2 billion euros in annual turnover, with nearly 20 billion orders taken.

It intervenes in sometimes very sensitive areas of digital and deep tech, such as big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, with certain applications in the military sector.

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