Your Mac is getting too old? This software turns it into a racing car


Regardless of the electronic device, all experience a slowdown over the years. Of course, Apple computers are also affected. By dint of using them regularly, storing files on them and not cleaning the disk, they tend to slow down.

But before throwing it away (or the dealer), we advise you to do a thorough cleaning first. If you do it right, it could even allow you to keep it for a few more years.. But rather than messing around on your Mac, it is advisable to go through third-party software.

There are loads of software out there that claim to clean up your Mac, but not all of them are created equal. Some can be dangerous, others are not effective, and finally others are also far too expensive. If you are looking for the right compromise, we suggest the French tool Intego. Its Mac cleaner has been recognized for years as one of the most reliable on the market.

To make you discover its service, Intego offers an advantageous formula: 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. For this budget, you will be able to use its software unlimited over the period in order to have a perfectly optimized hard drive. It will not delete anything without your approval: you are always the one who approves the deletion of content. This allows you to always be in control.

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What does this cleaning tool do?

It is sometimes difficult to imagine how to clean up and optimize the space on a hard disk. However, there are real actions to be taken to place it and thus be able to accelerate the speed of your Mac. Precisely, a tool like the Intego Washing Machine is able to do many things to optimize speed.

To give you some examples, we can for example cite the deletion of all unnecessary files: files downloaded in duplicate, triple or see more; installation documents (in .dmg on Mac) which are no longer useful; language files for translations of all your software; etc Within minutes, Intego can give you an overview of all the content that needs to be removed.

If you need to see how effective it is, it’s best to go for an annual license with the 30-day trial period. This allows you for a month to test its service and understand its usefulness. Once the scan and cleanup have been completed, you will see that your Mac no longer looks like the one before: it can start up up to 30% faster and applications will be much more responsive. In short, a treat that will allow you to last a few more years.

Intego, the French that tames Macs

Intego is the company behind this Mac cleaning tool, which is one of the most popular in the world. That said, Intego does not only have a cleaning tool: it is best known for its antivirus which equips more than 40 million people worldwide. Again, he is also focusing on macOS here: if you have a Windows computer or a mobile device, you will have to find an alternative.

The French currently offers a pack that includes all of its software and it asks for a pretty crazy price: 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. It is on this product that you will have the greatest reduction. Above all, by adding 10 euros compared to the Washing Machine alone, you have access to all the software published by Intego.

What does this pack also called Mac Premium Bundle include? There is the Washing Machine, the antivirus but also two other software: a tool that allows you to save all your content in the cloud (practical in the event of theft or breakage of the Mac) and a parental control interface. In the end, for 10 euros more per year, you have three additional software which are extremely effective. Here too, you have a 30-day trial to convince yourself of this service. It’s risk-free and without commitment, just give it a try.

To discover the offers, it’s here:

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