Apple is preparing a foldable device by 2024, according to Samsung


Years after Samsung, Apple is preparing to launch the “Arlésienne” that everyone is waiting for, namely a device (iPad, iPhone, even MacBook) with a foldable screen. As early as September, Apple reportedly asked Samsung and LG to make a new kind of folding OLED displays – which wouldn’t have any visible crease marks like current devices do.

Samsung’s mobile division has reportedly met with vendors along these lines, and is optimistic about an Apple foldable product arriving by 2024. from an iPhone. The technology needed to deliver a sufficiently thin and practical device according to the criteria of the Apple brand would not yet be ready.

Apple would slowly put things in place to launch a foldable device

And suddenly, Apple would move more towards a product such as a tablet (therefore in the iPad range). Even a laptop with a foldable screen, as we have seen some examples from the competition. We imagine that the patience of the firm on the subject is not unrelated to the difficulties around the design of such products.

Samsung’s first Galaxy Folds prove to be not very durable, although things have improved a lot with the Galaxy Fold4s – which even resist submersion in water under certain conditions. There is also the question of the interface, or how to take advantage of technology while trying to make the interface as intuitive as possible to use.

From this point of view, Apple would always be looking for the best possible formula, and would especially like to overcome the problems of current foldable devices before launching. In addition to being more fragile, current foldable smartphones (and computers) are particularly expensive.

And as with each launch of a new product category, Apple would really seek to find real added value that justifies the payment of a real premium compared to the more classic iPhones. Note however that for now, apart from internal sources at Samsung cited by The Elec, Apple gives no explicit sign of being in the process of developing such a product.

However, it should be noted that the firm still cultivates a deep mystery about its R&D and that it is unlikely that we will learn more from Apple before the actual announcement of the product.

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