Internet box. Bouygues Telecom releases an ultimate weapon and an insolent price (-60%)


In France, there are four operators that offer fiber: Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR and Free. To have an internet connection, it will therefore be necessary to choose between one of these full-scale ISPs. Each has several formulas to respond to a more or less intensive use of the bandwidth.

In recent months, these players have tended to raise their prices quite significantly. For example, at Orange you will have to pay at least 22.99 euros per month for the classic Fiber Livebox (then 41.99 euros after one year). At Free, the Freebox Pop is 29.99 euros per month, then 39.99 euros after a year. Fortunately, there is still Bouygues Telecom with excellent quality fiber at…15.99 euros per month.

Yes, you read that right: Bouygues Telecom is the only operator to offer fiber for such an aggressive price. It offers a Bbox Fit formula which includes fiber with broadband (400 Mb/s upload and download) with unlimited calls to landlines for 15.99 euros per month. This internet box will see its price increase after a year to reach 30.99 euros per month. This is still SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than at Orange, Free or SFR (38 euros per month).

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As with all operators, you must first check that you are eligible for Bouygues Telecom fiber to subscribe to it. This happens directly on the site of the latter: you must enter the address of your home so that the ISP can tell you if you are connected. If you are not, he will then offer you an alternative version of his Bbox Fit in ADSL. ADSL is much slower than fiber, but that’s a consolation for some.

A basic internet box, for WiFi

In recent years, ISPs have tended to expand the services around their internet box to charge a higher price. At Bouygues Telecom, we wanted to go as simple as possible and retain all transparency. Most French people who subscribe to an internet box want… an internet connection and that’s it. The Bbox Fit is not a triple-play box, so you won’t have the TV part. On the telephony part, you will have a phone number included and all unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 destinations.

Coming now to the internet connection, the Bbox Fit offers a speed of 400 Mb/s for download and upload. With such a speed, you will have maximum flexibility and zero slowness. Even if you’re in a household with multiple members consuming video-like content, it won’t penalize speed. To optimize the speed everywhere in your home, Bouygues Telecom offers you a Wi-Fi diagnostic included in its application.

At Bouygues Telecom, you have a second advantage: internet guaranteed from day one. In this regard, the ISP sends you a 4G key with 100 GB as soon as you order. While waiting for the delivery of your internet box, you can therefore already take advantage of a 4G key which will give you internet access. You can browse the internet with a very good connection.

What if you still have an ongoing internet contract with another ISP? By choosing your internet box, Bouygues Telecom can terminate the contract for you – if you wish. He also undertakes to pay up to 100 euros in termination costs. If your current contract involves fees upon termination, they will therefore be covered by your new ISP. In short, it’s an easy and quick transition, you won’t have to bother with customer service or administration.

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Bouygues Telecom Wi-Fi boxes

Bouygues Telecom has restructured its website to highlight its three internet boxes: the Bbox Fit is in the “Essential” category while the Bbox Must and Ultym are in a “Premium” tab. These last two have two major differences compared to the Bbox Fit: they have a higher speed and they include a TV part.

If you only need a good internet connection, the Bbox Fit will be ideal. It is not expensive and includes a convincing throughput. For those who also want to have a TV decoder in their internet offer, it will then be necessary to opt for the Bbox Must, or even the Bbox Ultym. In the first year, the Bbox Ultym really offers incredible value for money – we can only recommend it to you.

In detail, this Ultym internet box contains the following things: a fiber speed of up to 2 Gb/s for downloading and 900 Mb/s for uploading (with the latest generation WiFi 6), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, 180 TV channels and two subscriptions to Disney+ and Salto included for 6 months. In terms of price, Bouygues Telecom only asks you 29.99 euros per month for the first year, then 49.99 euros per month thereafter.

In terms of comfort, the Bbox Ultym has almost no equal on the market. However, if you are looking for a slightly less expensive intermediate solution, there is the Bbox Must. She is also quite convincing. There is also triple-play with internet, telephony and TV. The speed is 1 Gb/s for downloading and 700 Mb/s for uploading, calls are unlimited to landlines and mobiles, and you also have 100 TV channels.

To discover the Bbox Fit, it’s here:

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