Samsung, new Google for working conditions?


It has become a habit for a few years, the magazine Forbes is responsible for drawing up a classification of “best employers“. For the 2022 edition, the famous magazine collaborated with the institute Statistics, and interviewed more than 150,000 workers based in some 60 countries, the latter obviously being employed by more than 800 diverse and varied companies around the world. And for the third consecutive year, it is again the Samsung group that has risen to the top of the ranking compiled by Forbes.

Samsung still the best employer in the world (according to Forbes)

Specifically, survey participants are asked to rate their willingness to recommend their employer to family members and friends. The latter were also questioned on the economic impact and the image of their company, without forgetting gender equality, responsibility, and the ability (or not) to bring out talents. And despite a Top 10 made up of a total of 9 American companies, it is the South Korean Samsung that wins the day.

Samsung Watch5, Buds Pro2, Flip4

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For Samsung:This reflects the commitment to providing the best work culture for employees, the pride and satisfaction of those who work at Samsung, and the company’s reputation in the IT and technology industry.” The Korean group thus takes first place in the ranking for the third year in a row, ahead of Microsoft and IBM, Alphabet and Apple occupying the fourth and fifth places.

Among the other companies where he presumably does “good to live and work“, we will mention Delta Air Lines, Costco Wholesale, Adobe, Southwest Airlines and finally Dell. We recently mentioned the delicate situation experienced by employees at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and the Forbes ranking confirms this crisis, the group ranking 145th place.

Decathlon in great shape for France!

As far as French companies are concerned, the ranking drawn up by Forbes allowed France to take third place, with no less than 82 companies present, against 247 for the United States and 113 for Germany. And it is the Decathlon group which has something to inflate the muscles, since the latter manages to integrate the fifteenth position of the Forbes ranking of 2022. It is followed by Dassault (22nd), Safran (28th) or even Sanofi (48th).

Forbes Ranking 2022

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It should be noted that Forbes specifies that it took into consideration in its study the “Great Resignation” started in 2021 after the Covid-19 pandemic. In France, as around the world, many companies are also affected by Quiet Quitting, i.e. a gradual disengagement on the part of certain employees.

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