Transformed into a giant drone, this car will “fly over traffic jams”


While we are still trying to make electric cars more practical, some companies are already working on flying cars. And among the companies that have already invested in this type of vehicle, which could revolutionize urban transport in a few years, there is Xpeng.

A car with propellers

This Chinese company markets electric cars and thus positions itself as a direct competitor to Tesla. However, through its subsidiary Aeroht, it is also working on flying cars.

Generally, when we talk about a flying car, it is to refer to a type of aircraft called eVTOL: sort of giant, electric drones that take off and land vertically. The design, in general, is not at all reminiscent of a rolling car.

A new step taken?

In fact, Aeroht recently made the first public flight of one of its eVTOL prototypes in Dubai. The aircraft that flew in Dubai, the XPENG X2, was a giant drone.

On the other hand, the other model that the company has just unveiled is literally a “flying car”. As you can see in the pictures, this model, codenamed “Flying car X3”, looks like a real rolling car with propellers added to it so it can fly.

A first maiden flight for the real flying car

This October, Aeroht made the maiden flight of its prototype, and posted a video on YouTube.

According to the Xpeng subsidiary, the vehicle was designed to both drive and fly. Although not shown in the video, the company has developed a system of retractable propellers, so that the vehicle can roll without being bulky.

“In driving mode, it is comparable to any conventional car in terms of functionality and measurement. In flight mode, the flying car is piloted using the steering wheel and the right gear lever as controls to move forward and backward, perform turns, climb, hover and descend,” the manufacturer says.

Xpeng believes that thanks to this system, the driver could one day use the flying function of his vehicle to fly over traffic jams.

eVTOLs still have a long way to go

However, if the technology for flying cars is already very advanced (equivalents of F1 races are even already organized), it will also have to overcome regulatory obstacles.

In any case, the day when flying vehicles, also called eVTOL, will be authorized, certain companies, including Xpeng and Alauda Aeronotics will be well positioned.

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