Why does this iPhone 14 Pro cost more than a luxury car?


Launched a little less than two months ago, the new iPhone 14s signed Apple are the first smartphones in the range to all exceed the fateful milestone of 1000 euros. If the “first price” iPhone 14 is offered at 1,019 euros, the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 TB requires you to pay the sum of 2,129 euros. Prices are already exorbitant for ordinary mortals, but this is nothing compared to the personalized iPhone by the firm Caviar, which has just presented a new creation, the result of an improbable merger between an iPhone 14 Pro Max and a Rolex.

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An unlikely merger between the iPhone 14 Pro and a Rolex

Renowned for its luxurious creations (but not always in very good taste), the Caviar brand presents its brand new Daytona model. The latter is made on the basis of an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, on the back of which Caviar has grafted a Rolex.

For this, the design of the iPhone has obviously been reviewed, and here we find a titanium shell on the back of which the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona dial is housed. The latter is set with diamonds and topped with three 18-carat gold sub-dials. Lower, there are vintage-style switches, without any particular function, but again made of pure 18-carat gold.

iPhone Caviar Rolex Daytona

According to Caviar, the overall design is inspired by the Blue Bird supercar of Malcolm Campbell, the man who helped design the first Rolex Daytona watches. “The body of the phone is made in the style of 1930s racing cars, while the decorative speedometers and gold switches create the image of the supercar dashboard, which marked the beginning of the large collection of Rolex Daytona watches” explains Caviar.

Obviously, this is a very (very) limited edition, since only 3 copies will be developed. Customers can opt for a base iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, but also set the amount of onboard storage. On the price side, this iPhone Daytona developed by Caviar starts at 133,670 dollars. The iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB version is priced at $135,420.

Remember that the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro differ from their predecessor by a new photo section and hardware improvements, but also by the presence of the now famous Dynamic Island. A very clever little software fantasy from Apple, but which is already found on Android, through a dedicated application.

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