Amazon, Meta, Spotify… Which tech giant employs the most people?


While Elon Musk got his hands on Twitter, many employees fear losing their jobs in the social network. Their fear stems from a well-researched article in the washington post who was able to discuss with investors very familiar with the matter. The billionaire would thus consider parting with 75% of the workforce of the company which today has 7,500.

This information is interesting to contextualize by comparing the number of employees of the platform to other large global technology companies. And precisely, the online portal Statista recently published an infographic that ranks the Tech giants according to their number of employees.

The party is over in Silicon Valley

At the top of the list, we find in particular Meta, formerly Facebook, which has 83,553. We have in second place Uber with 32,500 employees, while PayPal completes this podium with 30,900 employees. Also mentioned by Statista: Netflix (11,300 people), Spotify (9,058 people), as well as Snap and Airbnb (6,646 and 6,132 employees).

But this inventory is not exhaustive and it must be supplemented by other large technology companies with a much larger number of employees. This is the case, for example, with Amazon, which employs 1.5 million people, many of them in its warehouses, as well as Foxconn, Apple’s subcontractor, which has 826,600 employees.

Statista also mentions two Chinese e-commerce giants: JD (390,000 employees) and Alibaba (245,700 employees). Finally, the American giant IBM currently has 282,100 employees.

After a very strong period of growth, the time is no longer necessarily for hiring in the world of Tech. Thus, in addition to rumors of layoffs at Twitter, other companies have already taken the plunge. It must be said that inflation and the economic crisis hardly lead to optimism for the coming months.

To cite one of the most emblematic examples, we spoke to you last June about the Coinbase platform which, faced with the crisis in the cryptocurrency sector, decided to tighten its belt. The service has laid off 18% of its total workforce.

In a letter to employees, Brian Armstrong, the boss of Coinbase, explained: โ€œ We seem to be entering a recession after an economic boom of more than 10 years. ne recession could lead to another crypto winter and could last for an extended period. ยป

Coinbase’s rival, is not staying behind and has made the decision to lay off 5% of its employees, or nearly 260 people.

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